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3 Dynamic Driver HiFi Earphones
KZ DQ6 embraces a new structure of Array Type along with three dynamic drivers. It’s designed with a 10mm dual magnetic dynamic driver and two 6mm single dynamic driver which will bring you the original HiFi sound quality with powerful analytical power and enhanced low frequency and sensitivity.

Arrayt Type&Acoustic Structure
Array type dynamic high frequency combination can greatly optimize the issue of insufficient high frequency of single dynamic and can increase the range of sound field and the sense of hearing is closer to stage sound. Apart from the innovative driver structure, DQ6 also adopts physical frequency division technology and electronic crossover. With it, you will enjoy clear vocals, distinct musical instruments and rich details.

Zinc Alloy Faceplate+Transparent Shell
DQ6 extends the aesthetics of modern simplism. It comes with two basic modern colors, each of which is build with a Zinc alloy faceplate and transparent shell. You can see through the structure with that shell while the surface shell is carved with a elegant KZ logo. Moreover, a water flexible silicone eartips and 4mm hardware sound mouth displays the perfectionism of KZ team

Detachable 0.75mm 2Pin Cable
DQ6 adopts the custom detachable recessed 0.75mm 2Pin cable. The recessed pins is more stable and not easy to break. Detachable feature enables future upgradeability. You can either replace it with the new one or a Bluetooth cable, the choice is yours

Ergonomic Design, Comfortable Wear
Despite from the functionality, we care about comfort as well. The shape of DQ6 follows the ergonomic design to reach utmost comfortable wearing experience while also offer pretty well noise isolation. You are able to enjoy better and clearer music with this on your ear

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Headphoneus Supremus
Kz dq6 , ohhhh finally a nice sounding kz 😁
Pros: Sound, fit , price
Cons: None
Kz has been around for a while producing a new iem like every month for the budget friendly people. Some were very good sounsing back then especially the single dynamic driver iems , then they started to produce bad sounding iem when the all were v shaped sound with no resolution at all . Then recently they announced a triple dynamic driver iem and I was interested because I do love dynamic driver. I got it and they don't found like trash. Fit is great , accessories bare minimum as always. Build seems good too. I bought them here:

Sound :
Bass: light and fast with excellent texture not that thick slow old bass that they used to have back in the days. It is also detailed and deep. Before burn in it has more weight with same speed.

Midrange: clear as a whistle and open with decent with an good height and depth , it has a tone that is more leaning towards bright but not harsh . Before burn in it was brighter and more digital sounding.

Treble : clear and extended , with open and distance not a thin treble . Before burn in in was kinda harsh and thinner.

Conclusion: kz has done it finally and I hope they get better. I'll keep my eyes on them .
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>>Fit is great , accessories bare minimum as always. That's right, if you will buy a DQ6, order a package of foam earplugs right away. The standard silicone cups are poor. About sound, female vocals and guitars roar is ok, I am satisfied.


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