Koss UR-10 Closed-ear Design Stereo Headphones - Reviews
Pros: Seems very sturdy, not tinny
Cons: Headband is quite uncomfortable
I honestly don't even know why I got these. But I did.
For $7, these are very nice, closed, on-ear headphones. I haven't really seen a pair this cheap that has anything other than cheap foam earpads. It still surprises me.
Frequency Response - 60Hz - 20KHz
Isolation - These isolate pretty well, astonishingly. Of course they fail in comparison to more expensive on-ear and over-ear headphones, but for what they are, they isolate well.
Comfort - Eh. Earpads are nice, but the headband is pretty uncomfortable. Hurts my head after about 15-30 minutes. 
Sound - Most of what these produce is generally muffled, but sound much better than some other headphones I've heard in this price.
Highs - Just 'there'. Nothing too special, but much better sounding than some other cheap headphones like these.
Mids - Recessed, but not really that bad.
Bass - Decent. There's a good bass impact from these, even though the lowest frequency these produce is 60Hz,
Soundstage - Nonexistent.
Overall - These are overall good cans for the extreme-budget users. Good for portable use. Durability seems top-notch for the price. Sound is decent as a whole. Padding for the headband should be considered for extra comfort. Would recommend.