Koss UR-10 Closed-ear Design Stereo Headphones

General Information

A Portable headphone is a headphone that is used on the go. Portable headphones tend to be smaller, more lightweight, and may have features that lend themselves to listening on the go, like carrying cases or collapsible headbands.

Latest reviews

Pros: Seems very sturdy, not tinny
Cons: Headband is quite uncomfortable
I honestly don't even know why I got these. But I did.
For $7, these are very nice, closed, on-ear headphones. I haven't really seen a pair this cheap that has anything other than cheap foam earpads. It still surprises me.
Frequency Response - 60Hz - 20KHz
Isolation - These isolate pretty well, astonishingly. Of course they fail in comparison to more expensive on-ear and over-ear headphones, but for what they are, they isolate well.
Comfort - Eh. Earpads are nice, but the headband is pretty uncomfortable. Hurts my head after about 15-30 minutes. 
Sound - Most of what these produce is generally muffled, but sound much better than some other headphones I've heard in this price.
Highs - Just 'there'. Nothing too special, but much better sounding than some other cheap headphones like these.
Mids - Recessed, but not really that bad.
Bass - Decent. There's a good bass impact from these, even though the lowest frequency these produce is 60Hz,
Soundstage - Nonexistent.
Overall - These are overall good cans for the extreme-budget users. Good for portable use. Durability seems top-notch for the price. Sound is decent as a whole. Padding for the headband should be considered for extra comfort. Would recommend.


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