Koss PortaPro Headphones with Case

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  1. chrislangley4253
    "Great Sound, Terrible Cable"
    Pros - value, sound, modification possibilities, aesthetics
    Cons - flimsy cable with little/no stress relief and that is very hard to replace, they can pinch hairs when left stock
    I love the sound of these portable headphones, a good step above all the stock earbuds that come with players nowadays. The sound sig is great out of the box and I believe it improves some with some burn in.
    You can also mod them quite a bit with various mods such as the quarter mod, kramer mod, and hd414 pad mod.

    However, the cable is reaaallly the pits.. It used to be better, now I honestly cannot recommend them to anybody.

    If you do buy them, and when they do break.. Buy a pair of sportapros to replace the drivers and cable.. I do NOT recommend trying to recable them.. or sending them in to KOSS unless you like waiting forever and jumping through hoops and paying shipping. 
  2. TheWuss
    "PortaPro - the little headphones that could"
    Pros - sound signature is mega fun, and quite surprising for a small supra-aural set of phones
    Cons - headband pinches hair, look dorky to some
    wow!  am i really the first to write a review for the venerable portapro?? 
    the portapro is an age old design, but has held up over the years, despite newer portable cans coming along.  and perhaps it is the very age of the design that keeps people coming back to it.  what with its alnico magnets and paper diaphrams.  and it's weird retro look.  and its mega fun sound!!!
    yep, the sound is fun.  the portapros have a nice, punchy sound.  and great bass for a small supra-aural set of phones.  they are great for pop, rock, hip/hop and the like.
    the comfort is okay.  the temple pads are supposed to releive some of the pressure of the ear pads, but i find that they don't really do this much for me.  also, the adjusting metal headband is prone to catch your hair and can hurt when it does this.
    overall, for $30 to $40 street price, these are such a wonderful product, and very enthusastically endorsed by me.  (as i'm sure they will be by others here.)
    a classic!  and with reason!!