Koss KSC35

General Information

Koss KSC35 Stereophone.

Key Features:

Perfect for travel
Clip comfortably over ears with pivoting ear plates
Open hear-through sound allows listeners to stay connected to surroundings
Oxygen-free copper voice coils improve signal transmission and conduction for cleaner, clearer sound
Computer-optimized neodymium iron boron magnet structures deliver great sound quality and volume
Includes straight, dual-entry 4 foot cord; straight, gold-flashed 3.5 mm (1/8-inch) plug and protective carrying case
Covered under the Koss Stereophones Limited Lifetime Warranty

Latest reviews

Pros: the very good porta-pro amps, ear-clip system, simple and very functional design
Cons: typical repairs every 3 years: wire contact gone
Excellent opened overheads for everyday use with the typical sound brilliance of Porta Pros with a little less of bass overboost (which is positive) due to being not that pushed on the ears.
There are few things in the world that need no improving. KSC-35 almost fit in there - if only the wire ends in the phones were attached a better way so I wouldn't have to get them fixed every approx 3 years. Replacable molitan covers can be cheapely purchased (only I always buy set of three pairs and lose the other two until I need them, so one pair set would be better).
I can wear these headphones all day (and I do so) in the office without actually feeling them on my ears. When I am carrying them, I appreciate the click-in mechanism which prevents them to brake (the amps only get detached from the ear clips, without breaking up).
Cable could be longer to reach my desktop PC under my desk, but that's solvable by extending cable - which but adds extra contacts with all the negative affects to the audio quality, so savnig on crappy cheap extension audio cable is not advisable!
But of course, there are far from studio quality. Well I am glad for that as I can hear basses even on low volume and don't have to set volume to very loud...
For top sound quality listening in not too noisy environment, I'd pick up AKG-240 which I had for a few months for testing, also very simple functional (studio based) design, and the audio is crystal-clear. The problem is you won't be willing to listen to 128kbit MP3s, as their quality is awful for the headphones... But at work I'd always pick KSC/35, being open I can hear colleagues talking to me without taking them off etc.
Pros: Superior to the PortaPro, weighs under 30g!
Cons: Fragile, can only be purchased at koss.com at a premium, poor warranty
Paid $52 CAD (incl. shipping) at koss.com.
Looking to buy the PortaPro but are willing to pay extra for something special? The KSC35 not only has the PortaPro drivers, but trumps them in virtually every way. It's lighter, the bass is less overpowering because the pads don't clamp down on your ears, and it actually fits in its carrying bag quickly, whereas the PortaPro needs a bit of shoving in. You are literally paying a premium for two hard plastic earclips, but it's these earclips that set the KSC35 apart from the PortaPro and the KSC35's less expensive relative, the KSC75.
One weakness is that the earclips are fragile. Mishandling may cause them to break off the driver and ruin the plastic nudge on the driver. If this happens, you cannot use the lifetime warranty, as Koss will replace your KSC35 with the cheaper and inferior KSC75. Instead, purchase a PortaPro, then switch the headband with the earclips. Always store these headphones in the carrying bag when not in use.
Comfort is acceptable, as the hard plastic earclips are more secure than the rubber ones of the KSC75, but you may experience slight soreness as the plastic pinches your ears.
Back in the early 2000s, this was Head-Fi's value headphone of choice. Then it was suddenly discontinued in favor of the short-lived KSC50, which was heavier, didn't secure to the ear as well, and sounded worse because of its enclosure. During this time, people paid up to $100 for this headphone on eBay. Now it's available again, but only on koss.com at a price that's significantly higher than a PortaPro at retail. So while it doesn't hold much value compared to the KSC75 and PortaPro, it is the Koss portable of choice for those who are willing to shell out extra.
At about $40 the KSC35 is priced too high. The Sportapro has the same drivers as the KSC35. If you buy a Sportapro for around $20, and a KSC75 for around, $15 then you can take the ear hooks from the KSC75 and put the Sportapro drivers on them. The driver enclosures snap right in. The KSC75 earhooks are metal and much more comfortable than the KSC35 ear hooks. After that, you could snap the KSC75 driver enclosures onto the headband of the Sportapro.
I prefer the brighter sound of the KSC75 drivers, but without the pressure of a headband, these give too little bass.
Since the Sportapro drivers are too bassy, putting them on ear hooks decreases the bass to a more pleasant level.
That is really smart.
The KSC35s will fit in the UR40 housing, if you want circumaural Portapros. :D


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