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Koss Clipz, Sportclip Stereophone with 50-20,000 Hz Frequency Response

  • The Koss clipz sportclip stereophone is modeled after the KSC7 Sportclip, the Clipz bag combines the Sportclip stereophone in a portable bag. Designed for the active wearer, the Clipz eliminates the need for a conventional headband by clipping easily and comfortably around the ear for a secure fit. Ultra-lightweight, it fits easily into any travel or workout schedule. The Clipz is portable enough to fit into a briefcase, knapsack or pocket, for travel or active use.Active lifestyles raise the expectations of comfort, convenience and sound performance. Adding a sleek and compact carrying case to this already popular and impressive sounding portable has not only increased its value, but has exceeded expectations.Incorporating a neodymium iron boron magnet and oxygen-free copper voice coil, the Clipz delivers a frequency response of 50-20,000 Hz. Made of a soft, pliable rubberized material, the Clipz provides maximum comfort during long listening sessions.A 4 foot straight cord and L-plug allows easy movement and reliability when used portably.


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