Klipsch Reference ONE On-Ear Stereo Headphones

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The Fillmore. The Apollo. The Royal Albert Hall. Apartment 3A. Let the music come to you. Patented headphone technology and 65 years of legendary Klipsch performance combine to replicate the sound of floorstanding Reference speakers. Get the same experience you’ve come to expect from Klipsch engineering in your on-ear headphones. Reference ONE proudly carries on the family name and faithfully replicates a live concert and delivers everything but the ticket stub.

Latest reviews

Pros: clean and punchy bass, nice soundstage, decent build quality, nice hard case
Cons: muddy treble, flimsy cable that kinks up
Please bear with me as this is my first foray into reviewing headphones.
Let me start by saying I am just getting into good headphones at work - as there is a very loud and vocally assaulting woman that works near me. I have a decent home theater at home (Polk R70's and PSW505 subs for music). So hopefully I am a decent judge of sound?
My listening leans toward rock (such as Dave Matthews Band, Tragically Hip, U2 as examples), but I do listen to a variety of classic rock, acoustic, a little rap/hip hop as well. I do most of my listening from my Android phone using 320k coded mp3s.
I like the Ref One's. I listened to these against a few other headphones (the $300 Beats, Bose, and Polks) and was surprised to find that these sounded the best of what I tested. Since I had a gift card to the store for most of the purchase price...why not? After a month of listening, here are my thoughts:
1) Sound 8/10 - The bass on these is punchy, forward and solid. They hit clean and hit low. They even blew away the $300 Beats in that aspect, something I was very surprised at. The mids and treble are ok, but not as bright as I would have liked them to be.
2) Stage 7/10 - Surprisingly spacious sound - i really feel like i am immersed in my music. I like that feeling, especially out of a more portable headphone
3) Comfort - 8/10 - for on ear phones these are nice...but i think that all depends on your ears. They seem to fit to mine pretty well. Ive gone 3-4 hours with these and felt no discomfort. The leather band on top is a nice touch
4) Noise Isolation 7/10 - a little bit of leakage from these when I turn them up
5) Portability 9/10 - love the hard case and airplane adapter. the cord being a bit tangle-prone prevented a 10/10 here.
Overall, for someone who leans toward the bass side of things, these are a decent headphone. The high signal to noise ratio (110db) makes them ideal for use with a portable device and no amp.
I feel at $150 they are a tad overpriced, $120 would have made me happier. $100 would have me telling people to go out and buy them.


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