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With a ceramic design that's as sleek as it is strong, the Image X7i headphones offer legendary sound that's built to last. Full-range armature drivers deliver deep bass, clear mids and crisp highs straight to your head. A three-button remote and mic let you control phone calls and playlists with the push of a button or the sound of your voice. Complete with five sizes of Klipsch's patented oval tips, you can customize your fit and connect with your favorite artists on select Apple products. Ceramic design offers elegance and durability 3-button remote for full music + voice control on select Apple products Patented oval ear tips provide comfortable wear and enhanced bass Full-range balanced armature drivers deliver deep bass, clear mids and crisp highs Perfect seal keeps your music in + blocks outside noice New flat, tangle resistant cables Directional mic for hands-free, crystal clear phone calls Amazing Comfort and FitOffering a unique ceramic design, unrivalled in-ear comfort and the Klipsch renowned sound signature, the Image X7i exemplifies an undeniable personal audio upgrade-especially when compared to the variety of plastic headphone models currently available in today's market.In addition to the sophisticated finish, the Image X7i's ceramic composition provides significant durability. The headphone employs new flat cabling that offers heightened cord strength and tangle resistance. Equipped with the patented oval ear tips for which Klipsch is known, the Image X7i a

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Pros: Wondrously comfortable, amazing looks, and stunning treble
Cons: Cable has a lot of feedback, notably recessed lower mids and bass
 The inspiration behind my purchase of these was very simple for they were a gift for my much better half. What I was looking for when I was searching was a pair of earphones that firstly had a very small yet comfortable tips, then from there I wanted something that reflected her. So I looked for something very sleek, classy and professional looking yet stood out from the social norm. I wanted something that was amazingly tough, strong and durable while looking seemingly fragile and lastly I wanted something that was agile yet never tangled up on itself, something that was not afraid to be used and durable to take everyday use without fraying. As for the sound I've learned from letting her listen to all mine that she likes very clean music that was accurate to the recording but yet not bland as some reference can be. She liked listening to the violin to hear what she will someday sound like so I new the higher frequencies would be a focus with the mids being clean, as for the bass well she likes it to be there but not at all a focal point. Taking all of these factors into consideration I new almost instantly that the Klipsch X7i was her to a “T”.
The Opening Experience
What I thought the experience of opening this was going to be like is that of opening a piece of art that was encased in a museum for the presentation of these is still some of the best and most classy packaging I've ever seen. The actual experience, well drove me absolutely bonkers. First you must pull a piece of plastic off on the bottom nothing hard about that at all, from there the case the buds are in very easily slide out, but from here oh how you will be frustrated (unless you're NOT like me and simply tear apart the packaging, for then opening this isn't anything to you). But every fold of plastic I opened it seemed I had to open another piece of plastic to get to it and then I had to maneuver everything outta the slits given to hold them in position.
Once you finally get the 'phones free at the bottom of the cardboard box you get a nice array of difference ear tips (which are my favorite non-memory foam tips I've ever used), the warranty and info. paperwork and lastly the faux leather carrying case which is very sleek and low profile perfect for the space conscious traveler.
The construction of these are wonderful, very well made yet with not a single loss of style and class. The tips (which are patented to Klipsch) are oval shaped and fit just perfectly in the ear canal, so well in fact they're the only other tips I ever use besides Comply (memory foam). The frame is made of hand polished ceramic and if you've read any of my other reviews you'd know that anything that someone put time into instantly gets a better rating from me; but on that note the fact that they're ceramic means that they stay cool and not just in looks either (see the joke I slid in there? No? *le sigh* Well hmph I thought it was a good one). These buds don't get warm in your ear unlike most every nonmetal bud I've listened to these always stay a nice cool temperature.
The horns are slightly angled to allow optimum comfort and doesn't rest at all on the tragus. This is something I look for almost first when I'm looking for earphones because my goodness does it do wonders for comfort, isolation, and in my honest opinion even helps the sound a good bit.
Next is the microphone, in which is super low profile, despite it being pretty large it blends into the 'phones low profile design. The buttons are very responsive and require little effort to press. The quality itself is very very nice. Not once did someone I was talking to say they had an issue listening to me when I was stationary. This mic. is very sensitive and can pick up surrounding noise which includes over head announcements (I work at Charlotte airport, so I can test the extremes) as well as the brushing of your clothes when commuting. That sensitivity is the only fault I see in the microphone.
Finally there's the cable which is, as you can guess, sleek and low profile. But it's also flat and very tangle resistant and quite abrasive resistant as well, so in terms of durability of the cable I've no complaints. However one I do have and it's actually a pretty large one and that is the cable itself is very prone to feedback when it brushes against your clothes. Even the slightest of brush from the microphone higher will create a very audible, don't know the technical word for it but racket.
These I must say are one of the most comfortable pair of earphones I've ever listened to. They feel like air almost in your ear they're so lightweight. I can honestly say I've warn these for in excess of 3 hours without any discomfort, the most I had to do was push them further in the ear (which I don't even have to that when I've the Comply memory foam equipped). The ceramic body keeps both them and my ear nice a cool (my I.E.M.s tend to make my ear hot) which allows me to enjoy my music more without having to worry about discomfort.
The patented oval ear tips that come with them, as said earlier, are awesome and by far the most comfortable silicone tips I've ever used bar none. They ease their way into my canal as opposed to forcing its way in as the standard semi circle style which is something I always dread when demoing new earphones for most stores only carry those for their demo tips.
In terms of how well they isolate outside sound I'd say their quite decent but not great. Again working in the airport allows me to try them in some of the loudest places (that people would still be listening to music in) so I can get a pretty good feel. When I've music playing I can still somewhat hear the outside announcements and ambient murmuring but nowhere near to the degree that I'd be annoyed, but they nowhere near isolate to the level of my I.E.M.s which are my benchmark for isolation (I even take these to the gun range they do so well).
The sound of these are extremely nice and silky smooth but are quite bright, I definitely notice this when listening to Five Finger Death Punch's lead singer; for the pitch of his voice with these is notable a little higher than actuality. Whenever someone says they like detail, bright, or a very clean overall sound that's not bass dependent, these are one of my go-to brands because 1.) they fall perfectly into that category and 2.) they never let me down. The sound quality these possess makes just about everyone from probies getting into the hobby or experts that know exactly what to listen for completely satisfied. These also have some of the best binural abilities of most any other earphone, heck even headphone, that I've ever listened, to the surround ques are absolutely something to behold.
Klipsch's are known for their highs. The treble in these are so beautiful and precise that I get chills when listening to energetic music. You feel it in your soul and have no choice but to embrace the chill bumps. Want an example of this? Listen to the live version of Yanni “All Season” (easily found on YouTube) and prepare to be blown away. I have absolutely zero complaints about the treble in these 'phones and also have nothing I'd like to be changed, their perfect as is.
The midrange on these are very nice and detailed but do give bias towards the upper frequencies. As said above they will slightly heighten the pitch of the artists voice, not to the point of being drastically inaccurate but still notable. Something I did note on these as well is that these have a defining dip in the lower midrange and upper bass. Despite the upper mid bias I still wouldn't change the mids on these that much because the mids seamlessly flow into the treble and just complement this phone too well.
And finally we have the bass. As you can expect from a notable bright headphone the bass on these are not heavy (which is what makes them bright haha) but yet you can still get a full sense and feeling even when listening to heavy metal. The bass it tight and controlled but I do notice when that these will start to sound tired if the bass is a continuous hit so those who listen to a lot of rap may not want to consider these for I feel you may not get(my personal bias towards rap aside) the full experience. But if the bass is sparingly given throughout the music and hits when appropriate the accuracy of this bass is close to that of even the Planar Magnetic PM-3.
To sum these beautiful art pieces up, they're a no worries earphone that is not only one of the most comfortable pair you'll ever wear but a work horse at that. These retail for $199.99 from their website and have become one of my go to brands anytime I'm looking for in-ear phones. They're an amazing American based company that though is better known for their tower speakers, produces some of the best earphones I've ever listened to. And though these are not their flagships I honestly still prefer these over their X11i models for their beautiful treble and silky smooth tonality. As for Christina, even after almost a year she loves them more than anything else we have at the house (maybe because they describe her so well ;-P)
Till next time my friends, also check out my unboxing video here, and my video review here!
Pros: Clear defined mids and highs, smooth bass, lightweight, durable ceramic
Cons: Higher microphonics than average
I managed to find these $200 off retail (Canada). They are great IEMs but i believe the $300 tag is a bit high for Canadian buyers, I believe these can compete with earbuds around the $150-$200 range.
They have an excellent signature, with the mids really coming forward. They have a good bass presence, one which is very smooth as opposed to punchy.
The x7i's do an a good job of noise cancellation, and have 3 single flange tips, and 2 double making it very accessible for people to find a good seal. The ceramic heads feel very durable, and make them quite lightweight. The flat cord does seem to give off more than the average amount of microphonics though which can be annoying at some times if you are not using the clothing clip. 
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