Klipsch Image X5 Noise-Isolating Earphones - Reviews
Pros: surround sound effect, great mids, realy good punchy bass, crisp clear highs...
Cons: not warm as X10i,
They are surpsisngly fun sounding and they give almost surround sound effect with detailed mids and good punchy bass and almost good for all genres music. The highs are not extended but overall they are detailed yet fun sounding and with good built quality. If compare to the X10i then X10i are more warm and very detailed in mids, more highs, with deep punchier bass than X5. But i find X5 are more fun, more balanced and very engaging IEMs.
Pros: Extremely Balanced, Shimmery highs, Excellent mid-range, Tight, Powerful Bass, Light as nothing.
Cons: Oh so slight sibilance on some songs. That's it.
Go get em. That's all I have to say.
Pros: Sound clarity.
Cons: Price
These were one of my first high-end earphone purchases, and it did not disappoint.
Before buying, there are a few things to consider regarding the Klipsch Image range.  I was looking at the X5 and the X10, as both had good reviews.  I ended up buying the X5 for the following reason:
1: it was cheaper
2: it was slightly heavier than the X10
3: the X10 is rumoured to be a bit biased on the high end, whereas the X5 is supposed to be neutral throughout.
The X5 comes in a handy carry box, with lots of accessoires, including an ear wax scoop (which was nice!).  I would recommend the double-earbuds as they isolate a lot of noise.
As with most noise isolating earphones, make sure you get a good fit.  On aircraft the plane itself can help you with this (changes in cabin pressure) and I have acheived some nice seals this way :)  
The sound quality is awesome, and bordering good value for money.  It is clear in the mids, the bass is not overly aggressive, and the highs are not punchy.
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