Klipsch Image One BLUETOOTH On-Ear Headphones

  1. sgireland
    Feature rich portable phones with acceptable sound.
    Written by sgireland
    Published Nov 10, 2012
    Pros - Comfort, style, controls.
    Cons - Murky and pronounced low end.
    There is no sugar-coating it, this 'phone has a dominant low end and a murky one at that.  I find that with some eq'ing I can get a pretty good sound out of these but there is no hiding the bass heavy bias.
    Great controls and design.  I never realized how handy it is to go wireless until I got these.  Very light and comfortable.  Not totally isolating but mutes surrounding noise enough while alowing you to stay aware of your surroundings.  Annoying flashing bluetooth light distracting to others in dark enviornments.  Nice carrying case. 
    Im ok with the compromises as I got these on sale but for full retail price I would be dissapointed due to the sound but they are convienient.
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    2. sgireland
      It was $179. The sale must have just been a week long.
      sgireland, Nov 17, 2012
    3. Tomasitoc
      I've been waiting for a real world review of this BT headphone. You may have heard the bass from the beats or sol republic, how would you compare the bass on this.
      Tomasitoc, Nov 17, 2012
    4. Fiveshooter
      sgireland, I wish I had looked at your review earlier. I pulled the trigger on these at Woot this morning for $99 + Tax + $5 shipping. Great price I guess but I was really hoping to read they have better sound quality. I will appreciate the comfort and convenience of course but if they lack quality sound I won't be using them enough to matter. I am beginning to think a truly good sounding pair of blue tooth headphones does not exist. I like the bass to come through but not murky or so pronounced it drowns out the detail. I tried to cancel the order and try a new offering from a Chinese company called Bluedio. Unfortunately you only have 15 minutes to cancel an order on Woot so I missed my opportunity to cancel. The Bluedio model getting all the rave reviews is Bluedio R+ Legend Verson. It's about $140 on Amazon in the US and I plan on going ahead and purchasing a pair (my poor bank account). This model comes with a MicroSD card slot as well as the standard 3.5 mm headphone cord for corded listening. The on-board player supports MP3/FLAC/WAV/ AAC & APE files. I can't find any reviews mentioning the quality of the on-board player so this may be more of a novelty than a useable function. It's good sound I am after over blue tooth so that's why I want to try them. The specs say they have 25 hour music playback on a single charge which is longer than anything I have seen yet. The have 8 drivers and if the reviewers have any real ear for quality sound this "may" be as good as it gets for under $200. I will follow up with my own person opinion when I get them. I am hoping most of the reviewers are not just playing rap and liking the bass. I think that is the case with reviewers that think Beats headphones are "the best" because to me Beats sound like crap with bass so pronounced it totally ruins almost all detail.
      If anyone reading this can recommend a truly good sounding pair of blue tooth headphones I would appreciate your input. Until either one of these come in, my blue tooth solution is an original Jabra BT3030 coupled with a pair of DUNU DN-1000 IEMs. Since it still has wires and poor battery life it's a system that leaves a LOT to be desired :)
      Fiveshooter, Jan 31, 2014