General Information

vocal supremus
( ͡🔥 ͜ʖ ͡🔥)


- Build quality is solid(feels like custom resin).
- Pleasant,non offensive balanced tuning.
- Easily driven(scales with sources).
- Great resolution , imaging , stage for the price.
- Isolated fit due to no pressure vent.
- Natural timbre.
- Warm note weight, neither muddy nor thin.
- Kawaiiiiiii looking


- Accessories isn't that upto the mark (cost saving due to driver configuration)
- Lacking airness in upper treble
- Impact lacking in bass section (tips roll helps)
- Nozzle thickness can be an issue for some with ventless design might give uncomfortable


Built:3D-printed, UV-cured resin shells.
The nozzle has three holes for cover each frequency witb BA dampers inside(bass, mids, treble)

Drivers Configuration:
The Orchestra Lite has BA 8 drivers in per iem in a (2+4+2) configuration.
2 Large Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers playing the bass.
4 Custom Balanced Armature drivers playing the midrnage.
2 Custom Balanced Armature drivers playing the treble.

Cable: 7N OFC cable. Thicker than average 4-core cables with recessed 2-pin.

Eartips : 3*silicone tips (S/M/L) sizes






Sound Impression :
source: Dongle: xduoo link2 bal .
Desktop: ifi zen dac v2+ ifi zen can .


eartips rolling : using spinfit w1 , ZEOS Render Memory Foam Eartips.
these eartips gives very comfort preventing inside ear pressure .
I got the best result with ZEOS Render Memory Foam Eartips cause it elevated bass quantity.

Left one is spinfit w1 & right one is ZEOS Render Memory Foam Eartips.


For a BA iem, kiwiears orchesta lite bass is very impressive .
It extends quite low and has a lot of texture for a woofer without vents.
For a BA iem, speed and tightness are about average.
while the quantity won't please bassheads,the quality is quite impressive.


The midrange of Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite has excellent resolution and detail, is relatively smooth in texture, and does not have any of the issues that the bass does.
They sound good most of the time and sometimes shout . To minimize slight or no shoutiness at high volumes using ZEOS render foam eartips helps a lot .
Vocals from both male and female singers are well-reproduced and equally enjoyable.


Treble is pleasant but not spectacular.
The bass tuning is a little too safe making it less exciting & engaging.
Riffs on the guitar lack vitality, and the cymbals and hi-hats sound overly muddy.
Resonances & decays are lost because the upper treble is also almost absent.


soundstage average . if i use x-space on ifi zen can it widens that help me to have a holographic effect .
Imaging above average . Voices and instruments are clearly positioned, In fps game CSGO i can hear every footstep where they coming from with good height width .
instrument separation, which is one of the best I’ve heard around this price point.
Punch in the macrodynamics is severely lacking.
The abrupt bass drops are hollow. Microdynamics are not so obvious all things considered.


Bass: 3.7/5
Mids: 4.7/5
Treble: 4.0/5
Imaging/Separation: 4.6/5
Staging: 3.8/5
Dynamics/Speed: 4.0/5

Good genres: Classical, OST, Vocal centric music .
Bad genres: Hip-hop , EDM , Bass heavy music .


Conclusion :

Final Thoughts The Orchestra Lite from Kiwi Ears was a complete surprise.
This IEM is an incredible value proposition due to its pleasant, slightly warm tonality, relaxed character, solid technical performance, and excellent build quality .
The Orchestra Lite is probably my favorite IEM in its price range & I highly recommend it.

Here is pic of kiwiear little family( kiwi ears orchestra lite with kiwi ears cadenza )



New Head-Fier
I completely agree with your review. I have one, and besides genres that ask for heavy bass, this IEM is a pleasure to listen to all day. Classical music, in particular, sounds especially natural and balanced. Nothing to criticize about this set.