KingRex UD 01 DAC

General Information

Representing a significant upgrade over the DAC built into the T20U amplifier, the petite UD-01 delivers powerhouse performance, especially when powered by the SLAP battery or KingRex PSU.
Its strongly musical 'non-digital-sounding' presentation is largely derived from the Burr-Brown OPA2604 which acts as an output stage preamp removing digital nasties and smoothly sculpting the analogue stream. This chip is socket mounted and can be upgraded or swapped out according to the user's preference. The primary chip is the Burr-Brown PCB2702E mated with a large internal buffer for audio packet storage.

Latest reviews

Pros: Sound quality, good value
Cons: if not paired with PSU misses a lot
Huge improvement of my music collection run trough my laptop. The DAC is linked via USB cable to the the laptop and at the end is linked to an amp (Rega ear) which drives my HD 5000. Small in size but very big in sound quality.
Pros: Sound, size, price, uppgradeable
Cons: To light for my stiff cables...
Superb sound with the PSU. Great dynamics, huge soundstage, balanced detailed highs and a rock solid bottom. Beats the other Dacs I've tested (all sub 600$ though). Could look cooler.. Upgraded mine to SE via ITEM audio in the uk. My guess is the total cost ended up around 500$ including everything.. Well worth it.


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