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Handcrafted Design
After months of intensive research, experimentation with several materials, and hand-painting techniques, the chief designer of Kinera found the perfect colors and painting materials suitable for expressing the beauty of the goddess Freya.

Each single Freya is handmade and hand-painted. The exterior design of the earpiece is hand-sketched then hand-painted by the skilled designer.

Engineered to look great, fit great, and most importantly, sound great. The new Freya in-ear monitors achieve the full potential of balanced armature driver technology, delivering a breathtaking sound quality.

Quad-Hybrid Design For Faithful Sound Reproduction
Freya utilizes a multi-unit hybrid design; A single dynamic driver combined with three balanced armatures. Every earphone undergoes multiple, rigorous testing and extensive inspections to ensure high performance and craftsmanship standards.

Kinera used an internal crossover to send low, mid, and high frequencies to dedicated drivers so that the lows, mids, and highs remain natural, sharp, and well-defined.

Freya utilizes three balanced armature drivers and a single dynamic driver, tuned to deliver louder sound at an extensive range of sound frequencies with minimum power. It is designed to deliver impactful bass, natural midrange, clear treble, and precise imaging.

Knowles Balanced Armature drivers For Accurate Tonal Balance
Kinera's 7mm micro-dynamic driver offers a rich, deep bass reproduction.
Two Knowles balanced armature drivers deliver incredible midrange & vocal clarity; Kinera's customized BA driver produces the well extended, balanced treble.

The multi-driver earphone produces a frequency response of 20Hz-20,000Hz at a sensitivity of 110dB, with only 22Ω of impedance. With Freya, users can enjoy a high-quality sound anywhere.

Designed For Comfort and Noise Isolation
The Freya is designed for around the ear use, ensuring a more comfortable fit. The around-the-ear design is ergonomic, comfortable, and provides excellent noise isolation. Users can now enjoy music comfortably without outside distractions.

High Quality, Low-Noise Cable For The Best Signal Purity
Freya uses a standard 0.78mm 2 pin connector with a 3.5mm jack. The detachable cable can be easily replaced with standard cables. The high purity copper cable delivers the lowest noise and highest-fidelity sound when using the Freya.

Attention To Every Detail
Each earphone comes with an accessories package that includes multiple extension cables, a storage box, and three pairs of silicone ear tips (S, M, L). The different sized ear tips allow you to change to any size that fits comfortably. type C to 3.5mm cable, lightning to 3.5mm cable included make the earphone available to connect with smartphone freely.

The accessories package also includes a handmade, waterproof, exquisite storage box, The exterior breathable material is soft, water-resistant, and shockproof. It protects the earphones from mechanical damage due to drops, impacts, vibration, and compression loads. The interior microfiber lining protects against scrapes and scratches.

Story of Freya
Freya - ("Lady"), was the goddess of love & beauty in the Norse Mythology. As a goddess of war, half of those who died in battle would come to her hall. The other half went to Odin's hall, Valhalla. She was married to the great God Odin. When one day he mysteriously disappeared, she embarked on a journey traveling the nine worlds to find him. When she failed, she wept tears of gold. Her tears would turn to precious stones, called "Freya's Tears."

Crown: the earpiece design uses the beauty of red, the tenderness of purple, and the fearlessness of gold to express youthfulness, liveliness, full of vitality, passion, and also bloom a vibrant light.

Armor: The designer used the goddess's favorite gorgeous golden dust to flow with Jupiter's blue halo, making it miraculously shine in the night sky like a star in a galaxy. The two forms symbolize that she is sometimes glamorous and flowery. At other times, she is brave and fearless.

Latest reviews

Dobrescu George

Reviewer: AudiophileHeaven
Kinera Freya - Lavish Beauty & Natural Sound
Pros: + Build Quality
+ Sonic performance is actually nice if properly amped and listened loud
+ Large selection of tips
Cons: - Can sound a bit bland at low volumes and when not paired with a good source
- Adapters incldued may be useless for some folks
- More clarity, detail & better overall resolution can be found even cheaper
Kinera Freya - Lavish Beauty & Natural Sound


I'm doing a review on the most beautiful IEM I have ever seen, and it actually sounds really good! Kinera Freya is provided by HIFI GO, and this is priced at about 250 USD. It has 3 Balanced Armature drivers, and one dynamic driver, and will be compared to Mangrid Tea, Jomo P3 Percusion, and oBravo Cupid Planar IEMs. For the pairing part of this review, I will be going with iBasso DX300, Hiby R3 PRO, and HIDIZS AP80 PRO.


If you don't know who Kinera is, that's much better for you. It is a company that has a somewhat dark history behind, as they had some models in the entry-level price range that had a really specific signature. All those models were really liked by some while other people were really against them, as they had a really colored sound. This being said, the company kept growing, kept trying and nowadays they are nailing it with the newer models. I totally can vouch for Hifi GO though. They are the kind of company that provides excellent products, and warranty to their customers, even overseas ones. There are very few companies that provide the kind of service Hifi GO do, and I totally recommend considering getting your audio dose of happy from them whenever possible.


It should be noted that I have absolutely no affiliation with Kinera or Hifi GO, I am not receiving any incentive for this review or to sweeten things out. I'd like to thank HIFI GO for providing the sample for this review. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in Kinera Freya find their next music companion.

Product Link

You can always get your Kinera Freya from here:


First things first, let's get the packaging out of the way:






Normally, I am not a fan of unboxing of IEMs. Often we see a very bland and simple package, but then once in a while comes a company that walks more than the extra mile. Walks like half the world to bring you the best stuff right out of China.


Kinera is made in China, and I can happily say that besides being beautiful, Freya also has a really kick ass package.


We're looking at having both an adapter from Type-C , and one from Lightning (for iPhones). As far as I could tell, the one for Type-C is passive or passthrough and it works only if your phone can output audio through type-c, which is mostly limited to some Huawei and Google phones.


There are so many tips, a beautiful carrying case, and what I can probably call the most beautiful cable I've seen below 300 USD.

Build Quality/Aesthetics/Fit/Comfort

Starting with the build, the Freya looks like a piece of expensive jewelry. There's something about the colors chosen, combined with the exotic models that makes me wonder what type of company it would have been if it designed luxury cars.


The IEMs are on the larger side, and while they fit my ears perfectly, and literally like a glove, I can feel them while I'm wearing them. I have to use the smaller tips included, rather than my usual mediums, to get a good isolation and comfort. They leak very little and isolate well from the outside noise, up to 20 dB of passive noise isolation.


The cable is on the thicker side, and slightly tangle prone, but it is not too heavy and conducts no noise. I would have expected the Freya to be a bit sensitive to hiss, but in reality, they are perfect with most sources. They are easy to drive, and anything from the entry-level line of a company, like the BTR5 will be just perfect.

I love the fact that there's no driver flex, and their overall comfort, and while the package is rich, I actually won't give them my final thumbs up for the package, but instead do it for their ingenious design.

Youtube Video

Sound Quality

Freya is slightly less sensitive to tip rolling than the average IEM. It is also best listened to loud and extremely loud, while quiet and medium they can sound a bit colored with a strong midrange hump, some sub-bass rolloff, and with a smooth treble. Listened up loud, the sound gets more balanced and colorful. The dynamics are actually pretty good, and the detail is fair. I will be describing their sound listened loud, mostly with rock and metal music, and with high-end sources. It takes a while when placing the Freya in and getting used to their sound, and this is not burn-in, but rather the time it takes my brain to adjust to their signature.


Starting with the bass, the strongest part is the bass and the upper bass, while the sub bass has slightly less expression and less extension. The bass is generally natural, with a natural decay, and a good punchy presentation. There's enough bass for most metal, rock and punk. It can be enough for pop and dubstep too, but rap listeners may be looking for a more thunderous presentation in the sub lows. They can move my head and make me want to dance with J-Pop and J-Rock, especially creations with thunderous sub-bass, like works of PinocchioP.

I've seen a lot of critique given to their overall detail, but honestly, the presentation was never meant to appeal to detail heads, but rather to those looking for a really smooth and easy presentation. I am in love with all aggressive music I couldn't normally listen to. Freya makes things really interesting and fun again, so I would take them for a ride after a long day, but indeed, first thing in the morning, I mostly crave more detail. The midrange is emphasized all over, compared to what we're used to in the sub-300 USD price range, as most IEMs at that price are V-Shaped. Voices are forward, and are presented with a natural to smooth texture, and everything has a really smooth texture with no fatigue.

I found the soundstage to be natural in both width and depth, and the dynamics favor rock and metal, so more compressed music. This is because their sound is forward int the mids and can compress the dynamics a bit for other music, but for rock and metal, things are simply beautiful. If you ever thought that some bands like Infant Annihilator were aggressive, you can now rest assured, Freya can make beautiful music out of Aron Kitcher's creations.

The treble is smooth, pretty soft and it is the main reason people complained so much about Freya. Basically, with a V-Shaped treble, they would have sounded like most other IEMs and would had had a better resolution, and more detail. In the current state, Freya ends up having a relaxed sound, and a safe one that works nicely for pop and most euphonic songs without ever becoming fatiguing. To get an idea, please imagine that I generally can't listen to music while writing, but this entire review has been written while wearing and blasting music through them at loud volumes.


The main comparisons for Kinera Freya are Mangrid Tea, Jomo P3 Percussion, and oBravo Cupid. I could go on for days, since this is the price range where there are most competitive priced IEMs, but those three should reveal fairly well how Freya sounds like.


Kinera Freya vs Mangrid Tea (250 USD vs 300 USD) - Mangrid Tea has a less interesting package, but it has a good comfort too. The overall differences in sound are in the midrange mostly, where mangrid tea is more balanced, has a more natural tonality for their midrange, and also a better sub-bass extension, with more treble sparkle. It is more engaging, more uplifting and more sparkly, where Kinera Freya is smoother, more lean-back, and easier to listen to for literally hours in a row. I would take Mangrid Tea for most of my listening if I'm not tired, but after a long day, Kinera Freya can be a really pleasing partner.

Kinera Freya vs Jomo Audio P3 Percussion (250 USD vs 425 USD) - There's something about P3 that makes me want to grab it way more often than it is healthy for me. The best part about them is their bass, impact and overall resolution, combined with their punchy and dynamic sound. The package is a bit more interesting for Kinera Freya, but sonically P3 is really punchy, thicker, warmer, and more peppy in the treble. Kinera Freya is leaner, more easy, and less fatiguing. Once again, if I just woke up and want to go hype for the day, I would pick up P3, while if I'm tired and want ro relax, I'll go to Kinera Freya.

Kinera Freya vs oBravo Cupid (250 USD vs 300 USD) - oBravo Cupid is pretty much the extremely bright and V-Shaped IEM, and comparing Freya to it is like comparing apples to other really different apples. They are both IEMs, and both have good comfort, but Freya is larger and harder to recommend to small ears. Cupid works well for all ears. Cupid has a really bright, sparkly and aggressive sound, where Freya is really relaxed. The detail is better on the Cupid, but Freya is much easier to listen to and enjoy, and really often it feels like Freya was designed for girls who want to enjoy high-end audio without all of the aggressive edge that most IEMs typically have. The aesthetic may be part of this as well.


The main pairings I got going with Freya are iBasso DX300, Hiby R3 PRO, and HIDIZS AP80 PRO. All of those have an excellent price/performance ratio and made me realise some things about Freya.


They are generally easy to drive and a bluetooth receiver like BTR5 should do just fine, and they can typically be driven out of your average smartphone too.

Kinera Freya + Hiby R3 PRO (300 USD + 200 USD) - R3 PRO has just the right amount of bass, sub-bass, and dynamics to make Freya go hip hoppy hop. The trick here is the MSEB EQ which brings a ton out of Freya, as it has enough headroom for you to pull back the midrange and bring forward the sub-bass and the treble. There will be no distortion and happily this means that the end sound will be clean and crisp, but you'll have to make some effort and play with MSEB to find the right tuning for Freya. I would start by adding sub-bass and treble (first one or two sliders and last one or two from top to bottom)

Kinera Freya + iBasso DX300 (300 USD + 1200 USD) - DX300 has been an interesting experiment to see whether Freya would end up sounding good and nice without any EQ, as long as the source was good enough. Oddly enough, it still took me a while to get used to Freya, but I was able to enjoy it out of DX300 for more than five hours in a single go without EQ'ing the pairing at all. I actually indulge and delight in their smoother signature, but I have to admit, that was a lazy day and I felt like having a relaxing sound.

Kinera Freya + Hidizs AP80 PRO (300 USD + 200 USD) - AP80 PRO has a nice trick up its sleeve, and it is also the MSEB settings powered by Hiby. the pairing sounds nice as it is too, and after ten to fifteen minutes, I also got used to the sound, but I can jump right into this DAP and power up some settings to give Freya a more even sound, and with Hiby's Magic, I am able to enjoy this IEM with a new life in it.

Value and Conclusion

The value of Kinera Freya is not quite as good as that of other IEMs, especially those that have a more generic signature. This is because I can easily recommend something tuned for your average listener, and you know something more typical will sell well on the second hand market, while Freya is a unique personal experience.


The package alone should account for them having a fairly good value, despite the IEM being pretty specific tuned. You get a better looking carrying case, and more extras than with most IEMs in this range, and that hexagonal box is a thing of beauty by itself as well.

The comfort is great, and they fit my ears like a glove, but I can feel that I'm wearing the Freya. I am not sure how they would fit for someone with smaller ears, and I recommend them to you if you have medium or larger ears.


The sound is specific, smooth, fatigue-free, easygoing, easy to enjoy, and in my honest experience not bad with detail and clarity.


At the end of today's review, if you want to own one of the most beautiful IEMs out there, something that looks like a piece of jewelry, if you want to have a unique experience, and if you're not into listener fatigue, Kinera Freya will be happy to help with your musical experience.

Product Link

You can always get your Kinera Freya from here:

--- Please remember to stay safe, and always have fun while listening to music!---

Full Playlist used for this review

We listened to more songs than those named in this playlist, but those are excellent for identifying a sonic signature. PRaT, Texturization, Detail, Resolution, Dynamics, Impact, and overall tonality are all revealed by those songs. We recommend trying most of the songs from this playlist, especially if you’re searching for new music!

If you have a dime to spare (donate), it would make my day much brighter, as it would help me improve things around the website and increase the frequency of my posts.

Youtube Playlist


Tidal Playlist
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Great bullet points 🤪 It's suppose to be an IEM review not a Miss World overview.
Dobrescu George
Dobrescu George
@Ohmboy - That is the point, i was saying it in a sarcastic tone...

I actually do like the sound itself when it is powered from LPG 6K, and if listening loud. At low volumes, it is not great, kinda flat and unengaging.

I think you should read Audiophile-heaven a bit more to understand where I'm getting at, I have tons of articles where I heavily criticisize what I'm reviewing, this one I actually disliked a lot at first, but when actually writing the review, I listened to them and actually did my best to describe them. Reviewing is stating my subjective opinion, I would recommend FiiO FH7 way more for just a few USD more if you like resolution / clarity / stage more.

Tell me honestly, I've been posting 1 rev per day, how long ago do you think I lost an over-optimistic look and replaced it with a flegmatic one... I have adjusted the rating of it via the stars now, because I think that may lead people to misinterpret my position / opinion.
Dobrescu George
Dobrescu George
PLS read the article, this is from the comparisons, where I literally recommend Mangrid Tea above it

Kinera Freya vs Mangrid Tea (250 USD vs 300 USD) - Mangrid Tea has a less interesting package, but it has a good comfort too. The overall differences in sound are in the midrange mostly, where mangrid tea is more balanced, has a more natural tonality for their midrange, and also a better sub-bass extension, with more treble sparkle. It is more engaging, more uplifting and more sparkly, where Kinera Freya is smoother, more lean-back, and easier to listen to for literally hours in a row. I would take Mangrid Tea for most of my listening if I'm not tired, but after a long day, Kinera Freya can be a really pleasing partner.


New Head-Fier
Kinera Freya
Pros: rich set, chic look, good cable
Cons: flat sound, lack of emotion and resolution

This model is kindly provided by the hifigo store 19,434. 03 rubles. / Kinera Freya Quad-hybrid IEM 3BA + 1DD hybrid Hi-Fi in-ear headphones with hand-painted case, removable 2 Pin for audiophile, for which I thank them very much.

The headphones come in a luxurious, large box in the shape of a hexagon.
There are many different brochures inside.
The complete set is so rich:
1 adapter from Type C to 3.5 jack (it's worth noting that it doesn't work with all devices)
1 adapter with Ligthning to 3.5 jack.
2 sets of black and white attachments of different sizes.
1 the brush.
1 adapter from 3.5 jack to 6.35.
1 case.
1 copper cable.
1 headphones.
Agree the set is grandiose, there is everything you need, and of decent quality.

Especially good is a copper cable consisting of two cores of solid thickness and good accessories.

The case is also made very high quality, tightly closed. It has a brand name.

The headphones themselves are like a work of art, made of acrylic,hand-painted, look really amazing.
Very light, almost weightless.
It is worth noting that the case is quite large and can not fit in every ear, the size of the headphones reminded Senhear SH1D2A.
The sound ducts are of medium length, do not have sides, but there is a slight thickening to hold the ear pads.
Also, the cases have an anatomical shape, so they fit perfectly in my ears.

As for the sound guys, there is information that the sound of these headphones strongly depends on the nozzles, I used the white nozzles from the set.
With these attachments, the sound seemed relatively smooth, even a little bright.
Low frequencies don't have a second testarotho, they are moderately fast, lacks a bit of physicality and weight.
The midrange is not bad, probably thanks to the drivers from Knowles. The vocals sound big.
High frequencies do not have a sick length and purity.
Attacks on headphones are simplified.
In General, I can not say that the headphones are universal, for my taste they are more suitable for listening to quiet music, for example, for rock ballads, pop music.


The headphones struck me with their appearance, probably one of the most beautiful that I have ever had, but I can't say that about the sound.
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New Head-Fier
"Freya" The Goddess
Current Price: $249.99 (HiFiGo)
Earphone Type: Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitor (IEMs)
Driver Configuration: 3 Balanced armature drivers (BA) and a single dynamic driver (DD)
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Impedance: 22 Ω
Sensitivity: 110 ± 2db
Color: Blue and White
Jack Type: 3.5mm
Cable: 0.78mm 2-Pin 3.5mm High Purity Copper Detachable Cable

The Freya are certainly out to awe. They arrive in a enormous, hexagonal box that's delightfully arranged. The bundling is exceptionally ladylike and painterly. There are two embeds portraying the item, its inspirations,and the method of its creation. According to the inserts, each IEM takes three hours to form from begin to wrap up. There’s indeed a letter from the craftsman that goes into detail on why each color was utilized and how it relates to
the goddess Freya. This is the kind of clarification you listen first-hand at an craftsmanship presentation and truly plays into the special plan of each single earbud.

Underneath all of that's the item plate. It’s a generous package.
In the most plate, you have got the IEMs themselves, a expansive case, a 3.5mm to 1/4-inch connector for iPhone utilize, six silicone ear tips from Last Sound (another premium sound brand), a cleaning device,
and a Thunderbolt to 3.5mm sound adapter. Interior the case is another cluster of treats, counting an extra five sets of silicone tips from Last, an great copper cable, and a USB Type-C to 3.5mm sound connector for Android.

Underneath all of that's the item plate. It’s a generous package. In the most plate, you've got the IEMs themselves, a expansive case, a 3.5mm to 1/4-inch connector for iPhone utilize, six silicone eartips from Last Sound (another premium sound brand),
a cleaning device, and a Thunderbolt to 3.5mm sound adapter. Interior the case is another cluster of treats, counting an extra five sets of silicone tips from Last, an amazing copper cable, and a USB Type-C to 3.5mm sound connector for Android.

Onto the earphones themselves. The Freya is accessible in two colors, based around white or dark. I gotten the dark adaptation and the custom paint work looks great. There’s a really firmament see to them, with the gold implying at Freya’s partiality for luxury. The white adaptation makes overwhelming
utilize of pink and purple for an awfully female see. The dark form I gotten focuses to its dark as reminiscent of Freya’s armor. I much incline toward the dark, which is likely to be the case for numerous men considering these.
This sort of extravagance isn’t for everybody, but I actually discover it exceptionally eye-catching and one of a kind.

Interior its gum shell, the Freya employments a quad-hybrid plan with four drivers for each ear: three adjusted armatures and a single energetic driver. Using an inner hybrid, it employments this cluster to part the recurrence range, limiting the scope of each driver to advance way better clarity and fine tuning of each. The multi-driver plan has ended up much more common,
indeed in reasonable cost brackets, and for great reason. We all need clearer sound without mutilation and this is an successful way to realize that whereas moreover giving the sound engineers more room to customize the in general sound.

As you'll tell from the chart over, the tuning Kinera has gone for takes after a delicate V with an expanded accentuation on the mids and highs. At the same time, we see a slight bump within the bass from 40 to fair beneath 200 Hz to give music, movies, and diversions more “oomph” and low-end drone.
This is often a reasonably secure tuning but by the chart alone, the crest at 8kHz debilitates to create the Freya's a small sharp.

Thankfully, in my tuning in, the Freya sound strikingly well The treble boost isn’t sharp but it does draw out the fine subtle elements in acoustic music and in tracks that emphasize strings and cymbals. Vocal was not Recessed

For gaming, the Freya’s are really very great. The soundstage is sensibly great for an IEM but is still more insinuate than an over-ear earphone. The layering of sounds — think of a blend in layers of covering sounds — is fabulous, so picking separated subtle elements like strides, callouts, and indeed surrounding signals like chirping feathered creatures are simple to pinpoint, indeed some time recently you see what’s making them. That high-end boost is excellent
for competitive recreations particularly.I too found that the headphones fit exceptionally cozily in my ears. The shells are molded in conventional IEM shape to coordinate the forms of a “universal ear.” They’re bigger and adhere out somewhat, but are astoundingly comfortable. The Ultimate Type-E ear tips are too exceptionally great. Some time recently attempting them for myself, I had my questions on how distinctive
they may conceivably be from the cheap choices flooding Amazon, but they fit comfortably in my ears without the submerged pressure that now and then goes with low-cost ear tips.



New Head-Fier
This is my fav in-ear headphone artwork! But is the actual color is similar to the photo with white background or the black background one?
I’m fascinated with blending color with white, pink, purple, and a little blue.


Headphoneus Supremus
@mirrorgl there are 2 colours of the Freya being sold, a black shelled and a white shelled one.

I have the white shell version, placed a photo here in this thread:

Unfortunately, I only have the beta tuning version, so the final retail version is supposedly more technical with a brighter tuning than mine. Best wait for those that received a final version to chime in on a review.

Raelis Peace

New Head-Fier
How do you use the usb c dongle? Just plug and play? Because I tried that, but it doesn't work. My mobile accepts USB OTG connection, but sound doesn't come from there.


How do you use the usb c dongle? Just plug and play? Because I tried that, but it doesn't work. My mobile accepts USB OTG connection, but sound doesn't come from there.
virtually unuseable, i have tried to few phone and nothing works so far