Kinera Celest CD-1 Dac


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Kinera Celest CD-1 dac Review by Icygenius!
Pros: Very compact
Energy efficient
Has a neutral sound
Good quality and assembly
Cons: Not the greatest power
I welcome everyone who looked here!
Today in this review we will talk about a new product from the company Kinera, or to be more precise, Celest decided to surprise us this time with a small and neat DAC costing $25 !
And it comes in this very tiny box with Celest written on the front.

And at the back there is already a QR code to verify the authenticity of the product, and the parameters of this DAC adapter, the realtek ALC5686 is responsible for the sound here, it supports playback up to 32bits and 384kHz and its maximum output power is 30milliwatts at 32ohms.


Let's take a look at what's included!
And now let's look at it, the DAC itself is quite miniature and made of aluminum and here on the front of it there is the inscription Celeste, and it received a standard connector for connecting a 3.5 jack cable, and a USB Type C connector for connecting to a smartphone, a tablet, players etc...


What does it sound like?
When using it, it is noticeable that the sound supply is quite sterile, I would even say, monitor-like and dry, not tinted and honest, and as a result, this adapter does not contribute anything special to the signal, that is, it does not amplify or spoil your already clean signal, and all the emphasis will be placed only on your headphones that you need to choose according to your taste and preferences, and therefore he reproduce everything normally, but without any frills.
My conclusion on these dac!
In general, who likes this option of using all sorts of small dac adapters, this device will probably be useful, my smartphone has an output to a 3.5mm jack, so it doesn't make much sense for me to use it, but if you don't have it, you can take it and listen to it without problems since it is quite compact and energy efficient!
Link where you can buy them!
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