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Brand: KB EAR

Model: KB10

Earphone type: In-ear

Impedance: 15Ω

Sensitivity: 98dB/mW

Frequency range: 20-40000Hz

Interface: 3.5mm with 90° angle

Cable Length: 1.2m±3cm3

Earpiece interface: 2Pin .075mm

Transducer: 5BA per side (one low, two mid, two high)

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500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Engaging accurate sound, nice fitment, and pleasant look.
Cons: Treble might be a bit harsh on some tracks.
I bought these attracted to the multi driver. Not expecting much to be honest given the price. How wrong was I. Out of the box they sound great, fit well, and isolate outside noise excellently. The inner case is transparent, allowing a view of the drivers, crossover, and a lovely pack teeny tiny wires. The back cover looks like machined stainless steel.

Inside each is a balanced armature (BA) woofer, two BA mid range, and two BA tweeters. The drivers are all linked into a tiny crossover board. The connector is a tiny two pin, which connects to a intricately braided 3.5 cable. The cable near the earphones are stiffened loops to help them rest on the top of the ear, and helps provide some strain relief.

Onto the sound. These are in my opinion very source music dependent. Especially with the bass. Some tracks the woofer blows your head off, others its timid and shy. The woofers can rumble, and or slam. The mid range captures vocals very nicely, as well as the entire mid spectrum, nothing seemed hoarse or strained, muddied, or hollow. Tweeters can really scream, some people may not like how much power the have. Now this is good because the treble doesn't get drowned out, and the brightest details show. However sometimes they can be a bit fatiguing depending on the song. The sum of the parts on the sound is a very clean, energetic party that keeps you going for a long time. They surprise you with each new song you put through them. Very impressive for the price.
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