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Single Balanced Armature driver by YinYoo Audio

KBear F1

  • New Chi-fi IEMs from KBear Audio

Recent Reviews

  1. GreedIslandGM
    Cheap IEMs with great clairty
    Written by GreedIslandGM
    Published Jul 16, 2019
    Pros - Looks neato

    Has amazing clarity

    Great soundstage

    Cables are detachable so you can maybe it bluetooth or replace it easily if it breaks
    Cons - The shape isn't the best for my ears

    Lacking bass

    Sound out of the box isn't amazing (had to mess with the EQ)
    So these are the new Chi-fi IEMs by KBear. I would say what makes these stand out is that they are only sporting one BA driver, which chi-fi IEMs usually go overboard on.

    My initial thoughts on them are that they sounded thin and lacking. Which can be adjusted by increasing the volume and adjusting your equalizer. Since these aren't retrofitted with 5 drivers like most chi-fi IEMs, it sounds great even if you listen to music at max volume (still would not recommend that thought!).

    The KBear F1's strong suits are it's amazing clarity and balance, which brings the soundstage and the details of your music forward. I tested this while listening to various musicians with amazing instrumentals in their music (Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, etc..)

    Can't go wrong with these at its price-point though. Although there are many other alternatives if you desire a different sound signature or if you want a fuller bass. Or you can just buy it to show of to your friends, it seems to look cool enough to get a lot of attention from my friends atleast .


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