JVC HA-FX700 Wooden Earphones comes with operating in the frequency of 6Hz to 26kHz at 16 ohms. It...

JVC/Victor FX700

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  • JVC HA-FX700 Wooden Earphones comes with operating in the frequency of 6Hz to 26kHz at 16 ohms. It also has a weight of 9.6g and comes in small, medium and large sizes. You can get the JVC HA-FX700 Wooden Earphones with price for $ 330.

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  1. tamleo
    "semi Denon's sound on a iem"
    Pros - Very clear and smooth sound; deepest, fullest and most solid bass ever heard in the iem world, soundstage, luxury looking..
    Cons - Plastic fake treble, none-detail sound,super overwhelm bass issue, color sound..
    Well, i am a bass-addict and though the bass on this JVC's flagship iem is really outstanding, i really can not love it unless i am considering this bass separately. Yeah, it will be the most iem's subwoofer-likeness bass if it is standing alone. But in this case of the FX700s, the bass affects too much at the mids once you listen to a (semi)heavy bass song. For example: jpop, kpop, hiphop, dance and even R&B =.=
     Besides, the general sound of the FX700 is too thick, too color (not dark though) and seriously lack of the detail in the mids, esp in the treble and having a plastic treble like that is existing on almost models of the Denon's sound signature.
  2. i2ehan
  3. Benjerry
    "Meh.. Over hyped & Overrated iems from a company not specialized in iems"
    Pros - Decent sound, comfortable, exotic wooden design
    Cons - Sound decent(but not Great) Terrible isolation for iem, must handle with great care (or they'll break!)
    These earphones have the worst isolation amongst all my top tier iems. (SM3, TF10, IE8)
    As a result, JVCs sound thin unless you try to hold them in position.
    Also, these iems sound softer compared to the others on the same volume and they do not provide any discernible improve/edge in sound quality over SM3, TF10, IE8. (Unless you really want to nitpick-  take the midrange/low/high/soundstage of this earphone and say it is better than that like this- earphone A > B = C... to me, it doesn't say much about the overall sound it produce.) End of the day, it boils down to whether the overall sound stands out to your ears.
    Important rules I learnt from this purchase:
    1) Always audition review with your own ears. (I auditioned the SM3, TF10,IE8 myself before buying) 
    2) Be wary of headphones that have little exposure- few users (1.Limited only to Japan 2. Not many dealers- if they were good, why wouldn't there be more dealers-eg westones, unique melody)

    Btw please check out my review of the IE8 & SM3
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