JVC HAFX67A Air Cushion In-Ear Headphones (Blue) - Reviews
Pros: Good IEM to sleep in. Very comfortable.
Cons: Seems to need equilization. Bass and treble are too strong and midrange is recessed.
 Not bad for under $20. The fit is great. This is a good IEM to sleep in, as it doesn't stick out from my ears(I assume that will probably be the case for many people). Isolation is also decent considering the comfort level.  It seems like the bass and treble are boosted and the midrange seems  recessed. Vocals seem dominated by the bass and treble. I boosted the midrange quite a bit and brought down the bass and treble somewhat with the equilizer on my mp3 player, and now it sounds much more natural. I usually don't use the equilizer on my mp3 players, however this IEM seems to need it. Overall I am pleased, however I would have preferred if it was better balanced, and not needing the use of the equilizer.