JVC HA-S600-A Around-The-Ear Premium Compact Headphones. Around-The-Ear Premium Compact Headphones....


  • JVC HA-S600-A Around-The-Ear Premium Compact Headphones. Around-The-Ear Premium Compact Headphones. Powerful 40mm drivers with carbon diaphragm & bass-boosting port deliver dynamic sound. Steel headband & soft memory-foam ear pads for superior wearing comfort. Compact foldable design for easy carrying & storage. 3.94-ft cord with gold-plated iPhone®-compatible slim plug. 40mm neodymium driver. Sensitivity: 102 dB/1 mW. Freq resp: 8 kHz–25 kHz. Imp: 16Ω. Max input: 1000 mW (IEC). Weight: 5.36 oz

Recent Reviews

  1. Ddude1173
    Great Budget Cans
    Written by Ddude1173
    Published Jun 3, 2013
    Pros - Good bass, nice warm sound, lightweight, very comfortable, responds great to an EQ
    Cons - a little creaky, gets hot, lack of clarity
    thin cable, i've had no problems with it after half a year though, and while a little muddy, you can easily clean up the sound with an eq - it does get hot after a while though. 
  2. dragisback
    JVC HA-s600
    Written by dragisback
    Published Jun 23, 2012
    Pros - comfort, style, portability, bass
    Cons - fingerprints, thin cable, bass can overpower
    For $30, these are easily the best cans you can get, that's right, I'm calling out the htf600's.
    Sound- these cans are going for the sound most consumers want, bass, and a lot of it, they are headphones for bass junkies, but the mids and highs do not lack in any way. so you won't be listening to jazz, classical, or country with these cans, but for rock, hiphop/rap, and dubstep these will blow away anything for the price,(even htf600's) as for bass, it can beat anything under $100 and yes, they are obviously better than beats, and will provide thumpy bass, but not quite as overpowering as them and much clearer mids and highs. These can easily be driven by an mp3 player.
    Design- This is what originally drew me into buying them, these are very sleek and sexy, but, are very inconspicuous when you're wearing them, they are not bulky in any sense of the word and will not make a statement. They come in black, white, and blue, but discontinued red for whatever reason. The worst part about these headphones is the cable, it's very thin and feels it could easily snap, although, it has never tangled even when I try to tangle it, it just doesn't, also the jack is gold plated, go figure! Other than that, the build quality is what you would expect for $50 retail headphones. These headphones can fold flat and can fold up into the headband. The cans were obviously meant to be portable.
    Comfort- let me start off with saying, I have a big head, so comfort is just as important as sound in my case, and these headphones do not disappoint. The have a bit of clamping force, but it will never start to hurt your head and you won't have to take them off. The earcups create a tight seal around your ear, and provide some passive noise isolation. the earpads are memory foam, so they are very cushiony and comfortable, but the pads use a vinyl cloth, which does lead to sweat after about an hour, but it could be worse. The headband after a while feels like it's not there  and the cups don't slide up and down easily at all, so you will have to very manually adjust them to your ear height and the cups will stay there until you take them off and adjust them again.
    Overall, these are the best sounding headphones I've used under $50, and are very similar sounding to the htf600's, but I would say have a more well developed bass, but at the same time are more portable and nicer looking. you can get these on ebay or amazon for about $30, and are definitely worth the money if you have some burning a hole in your pocket
  3. pootispow
    JVC SA-H600 Lightweight Over Ear
    Written by pootispow
    Published May 30, 2012
    Pros - Great sound and quality for the price
    Cons - Not much.
    Beats out the Bose Triport, the HD 202 and HD 435s, the AT M35. Just try it and see. Extremely comfortable (I wear mine while commuting and studying, for about 5+ hours a day). Bought because I needed commuting headphones (sound isolating was key) on a budget, without sacrificing sound quality. The mids are smooth and solid, the bass is punchy and tight, and the highs are clear and just marvellous. All in all a great buy. If you are a student on a budget and need headphones for mixing, listening to on the subway, or what-have-you, buy these. They're honestly amazing for the price.
    1. musiclover666
      I like mine a lot as well. I use mine for commuting too. i found the bass to be a bit bloated and bled into the mids a tad, so I took mine apart and covered one of the two holes on the back of the driver. A much more tame beast with that little mod, bass is just as punchy, just not as bloated and overblown. For the money though, they are really decent sounding cans.
      musiclover666, May 31, 2012
    2. pootispow
      Great mod advice. I'll try it out. Thanks!
      pootispow, Dec 6, 2012
    3. elpsycongroo
      Good review. These headphones really are very good bang for the buck, although obviously they don't compare to headphones in the $150+ price range. They are easily better than many 2-3 times their price though.
      elpsycongroo, Dec 6, 2012
  4. JK1
    A nice warm headphone
    Written by JK1
    Published Dec 27, 2011
    Pros - Good bass. Good build quality
    Cons - Slightly treble deficient. Slightly lacking in detail . Thin cord. Plug is straight and not a right angle one. Needs very extensive burn in.
    After being so pleasantly surprised by the $9 HA-S160, I was so curious to hear if this is better. Is it better? It has better bass than the HA-S160, but worse treble.  The midrange(including vocals) also sounds slightly recessed on this when compared to the HAS160. The bass sounds slightly exaggerated though, and not natural like it sounds on the HAS160. Overall I like the HAS160 better since it is better balanced.
    PS. After a few more weeks of burn in the treble and detail have improved a bit more, while the bass has decreased. The bass is still slightly above normal, but not in as much excess as it was. The headphone is starting to sound much more neutral, which is what I prefer(though others may not).  I gave this so much burn in and it still seems to need more. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't sound so good right out of the package. Even after just 8 hours of burn in you will notice a big difference. Use slightly higher than normal listening volume for the burn in,  but don't overdo it. Those who don't like the HAS600 probably didn't give it enough burn in.
    I also bought the JVC HAS650 which has 36mm drivers vs  40mm for the HAS600, however the driver quality in the HAS650 is better, and it has more detail and is more efficient. The HAS650 is much more compact. If the price of these is close, then get the HAS650. The HAS650 was also too bassy out of the package, however the bass is decreasing with burn in. Perhaps after extensive burn in I  the bass will moderate, and the detail and treble will improve even more, as was the case with the HAS600.
    1. blackice17
      burn in is a must for sound improvement.
      blackice17, Nov 2, 2012
    2. fiskadoro
      I liked the HAS650 too - but I did notice those are super-aural rather than circumaural like these. I find the HAS600 great for winter (keep my ears warm!) and they're slim enough that I don't feel embarrassed wearing them on the street.
      You're totally right about the burn in. These sounded muddy at first but got much better after a week or two.
      fiskadoro, Nov 14, 2012
    3. elpsycongroo
      I noticed a HUGE difference after burn-in with my pair. Went from being ridiculously heavy on the bass and light on the treble to a nice, flat-ish warm sound. Burn in took about 40 hour on my pair before there was no more noticeable improvement.
      elpsycongroo, Mar 13, 2013
  5. quinn1980
    JVC HA-S600
    Written by quinn1980
    Published Aug 7, 2011
    Pros - price, ability
    Cons - no cable control
    These were recently reduced in price at comet (uk) and after comparing them against sony, denon and others these were easily the best sound and comfort for price. The other brands were slightly more but came worse off in my review.
    Great for cutting outside noise and cost 25 quid
    1. Dsnuts
      I little Gem.. I have a review on em on Amazon.com.. I bought 3 portables to compare and these have the best dynamics out of all of em....They do need a good burn in but the sounds are amazing for the price.. A hidden gem for shure..
      Dsnuts, Aug 10, 2011
    2. JK1
      Those thinking about the HAS600 should look at the HAS650. The HAS650 has similar but more refined sound, is much more compact, and imo is also more comfortable. Imo the only reason to choose the HAS600 over the HAS650 is if your budget is tight, and the 600 is much cheaper. if someone is so price sensitive, then perhaps they should consider the HAS160. Sometimes it is even under $10. The HAS160 is brighter and has less bass than the HAS600 and HAS650. If one bends the headband to increase the clamping force on the HAS160, then the bass will increase. Compressing the earpads a number of times to flatten them out will also increase the bass a bit.
      JK1, Jan 6, 2012
  6. adriel1392
    JVC HA-S600 Lightweight Headphones Review
    Written by adriel1392
    Published Nov 27, 2010
    Pros - Great Sound for a budget price
    Cons - Lacking of accesories (i.e Carrying case, 1/4 jack converter etc.)
    I got this headphones for CAD $59.99 at FutureShop. I bought this because I want a lightweight headphones that I could wear for a long period of time without making my ears/head hurts because I don't like wearing my Shure DJ headphones in public or in a long periods of time as it gets hot and uncomfortable. This headphones sounds really great for its price. I know, the sound is not as good as my Shure SRH750DJ which cost $200+. But hey!, you can compare this JVC headphones to those $100+ headphones!  
    1. VERY Comfortable and lightweight. Well, this is why I bought this Headphones in the first place. I have a big head and this just fits like a glove!  
    2. Sounds REALLY excellent for it's price. I'm no audiophile but I'm very picky when it comes to sound of my headphones I don't want those overpowering bass that Monster beats have that makes the sound of my music really fake. This headphone is quite balanced sound-wise. I can't believe that this cost $60 when I'm listening to it. You have to see this for yourself.
    3. Reasonably priced for its sound quality. the quality of the sound makes it worth like $100+ headphones.  (In my opinion, you can line this up to those Bose Triport On-ear Headphones which cost a staggering $300)
    4 The headband is really nice and you can tell that it is not going to break because it is made of metal covered with soft leatherette cushion that makes it comfortable.\
    5. This headphone is foldable which makes it good if you are on-the-go.
    6. Stylish. I like the style of this headphone its not too small but no too big that will make your head look awkward especially if you are going to be wearing this on public. Style is very elegant it does not look like cheap headphones. 
    1. It could've been better if they packed in a carrying case. well what do you expect from a $60 headphone?  
    2. If feels like that the cable aren't sturdy enough. You just have to be careful and treat this headphone like its an expensive headphones (well its not cheap but its not that expensive)  
    3. It looks like that the cans are scratch magnet because of its glossy finish.
    4. I wish JVC included, at least spare earpads as a bonus because this headphones does not come with any accessories at all (just a manual and warranty papers). Well, you are buying it for the headphones and not for the accessories after all.
    I would definitely recommend this headphones for those who want a good sounding headphones that are on a budget. After at least 24 hrs. of burn-in. the sound of this headphones became better (Yes, I'm a burn-in believer), but do not get me wrong, this headphones sounds great out-of-the-box. In my opinion, this is the reasonably priced version of those Bose/Monster Headphones. Those Bose/Monster Headphones are way overpriced for their sound/build quality, why would you buy a flashy headphones that costs $200-399+ if you can get its sound quality for under $200 or less. I know less expensive headphones like this JVC does not come with those flashy accessories but that is not a big problem because you can buy those online/store.


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