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Full Size Stereo Headphone


  • Full Size Stereo Headphone

Recent Reviews

  1. Maaomute
    headphone in rough
    Written by Maaomute
    Published Dec 30, 2013
    Pros - light, comfortable, can be made sound OK despite original cons mentioned
    Cons - Highs where are you?, bad boomy bass
    So as my old cans died I have ended up using these cans (which my dad had bought for spare ones incase someone needs ones) for time being before buying new pair of some more high quality ones. For start they seemed pretty bad as I was coming off from proper studio headphones (SRH840). Of course with their price you don't expect some life changing detail, rather you hope them to be kinda headphones from where music still sounds fine despite some shortcomings. Sadly I was really, really underwhelmed what I heard. Main problem with these cans isn't that sound quality would be bad, it is that they sound really muddy due lack of highs and high mids and their relatively high emphasis on their oh so badly boomy bass. Luckily enough for myself I found my fiio E17 DAC to do good job when using its EQ settings, not like that made sound perfect but it surely helped to tone things down in somewhat natural way when you took a bit bass off and added some tremble  (and helped it a bit with my music player EQ for more complete highs), really muddy sound was gone at least, also meaning that besides brighter sound, headphones were actually giving you such experience where you actually could actually hear some highs without them being drowned in somewhere very very deep. Also apparently there is relatively simple tape mod found from this forum to reduce that boomy bass, which apparently gives some really good results so you could try that (plan to give it a go one of these days, in case it would lead improved results on bass department) and possibly adding some mids/highs with EQ for better experience, in case mods don't do enough with that. Anyway after EQing I think these headphones sound pretty good for me, of course there is never going to be such high detail or awesome soundstage etc. as in some more expensive cans but that is not something you can expect for this price anyway. I feel this one is really tough to rate, I would give them **** for cheap headphone they are after EQ as I actually like how they sound and listening music with them is fun, kinda doubt sound is in all that good balance still though, but not like listening experience is bad anyway. Without that EQ on the other hand I'd give them *½, being cans I feel have really messed up emphasis on bass and no highs ever. at least they are really comfortable and light though. So I settle to ***, surely they are kinda bad but as for me at least it was possible to make them sound OK which is pretty much what you'd want for this price anyway, so don't really want to overkill them, besides there being super easy mod to make them much better too, there is really little reason to be as harsh as go with that *½ rating
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