JVC HA-MR77X Xtreme Xplosives Headphones.

JVC HA-MR77X Xtreme Xplosives Headphones

  • JVC HA-MR77X Xtreme Xplosives Headphones.

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  1. turbomustang84
    Great Bass silly cheap but still made well for under $40 very good value
    Written by turbomustang84
    Published Nov 21, 2016
    Pros - Great Bass
    Cons - picky Audiophiles that hate EQs and would never turn the Bass up for purity reasons need not apply
    For the price these are great when you want some boom and volume they really do well when pushed by decent Amplification .
    I have found lately a lot of enjoyment buying much cheaper Headphones and finding good value and this pair fits the bill
  2. Hawaiibadboy
    Review: Thunderous is a very good word for these
    Written by Hawaiibadboy
    Published Feb 5, 2014
    Pros - Pull up the lowest end of audible spectrum
    Cons - Big. cannot remove cord,
    Beats by Dre Studios were my first foray into Bass headphones. I come from the Car Audio side and competed in IASCA events  SPL, dB drags and Sound clarity.
    My purchase of Beats was a purely as homage to a great Hip Hop producer who I thought wouldn't sign off on his name being on anything that was crap. They weren't "crap" but they were way over priced and fragile. 
    I live in Japan and there are some huge "Denki" shops. Electronic goods superstores.
    I spent weeks and the last 2 focused on the loudest clear bass headphones under 3-500 bucks.
    I used a FiiO e12 with the eq flat BBE 10 and Mach Bass 8 the e12's 1 amo switch set to on.
    I bought the JVC 50mm XX series to tide me over until I decided. Those had a crap sound but thumping Bass so....anyway
    I listened to everything listed on this sites threads regarding Bass cans and came to a couple conclusions.
    #1 Most folks have no clue what they are talking about and just parrot what other folks are saying
    #2 They are parroting "hype" which is how Beats stormed the world.
    The ATH M-50's must be the most disappointing of them all because folks on here seem to love them so much......why? They are Beats with a clearer 500Hz-1k. That's about it.
    The V Moda M-100's are the Beats v2 as they are priced like the beats and sound about the same maybe a bit better but distort under 50Hz with juice....which most cans seem to do but these are the most hyped consumer bass cans going and they are more like than unlike Beats and priced the same. What gives?
    The Sony MDR series 500,700 and 1000's...I WANTED so much to get the 1000's because I wanted 70mm drivers but the 700's sounded punchier and the 1000's are a mess at high volume under 60Hz. A mess. Wow.
    I tried Skullcandy crushers because they were there and I almost got sick. THAT is what passes for Bass? Holy crap. The reviews on here....listen if you're gonna trash the beats for price then be consistent because any detailed Hip Hop track is rendered into a gag by the Skull crushers. 
    I went home after the 2nd week totally confused at what I read here v.s. what I heard at the shops.
    I eventually got around to the HA-XM30X which there name here in Japan and was kinda blown away but I convinced myself that I was giving up so I went to a specialty audio only shop (Ultimate Japan Audiophile dreamland) and discovered some Gems. The Onkyo ES HF-300's were awesome at low end reproduction and sounded beautiful. Wow. AKG K845's were surprising too  Audio Technica ATH-Ws55's, Logitech UE 600's were also nice surprises as I was thinking "ATH-M-50's, M-100's and Sony MDR's were the ****" This site gives that impression.
    I will buy the Onkyo next week but for Thunderous Bass...listen now....If you like 2pac,Lil Wayne, T.I., Geto Boys, Jeezy,Public Enemy, The Game and some Reggae too then you're NOT going to find a better pair of Bass cans than these. Period.
    The 57mm JVC's stomp on the V-moda M-100's. 1/4 the price. I'll pay for the V-Moda but they don't do more than the Beats which don't do more than the JVC's.
    The ATH-M50's? I'm at a loss as to why these are recommended so much to Bass heads? They sound like old school cans which is nice but amp it up and open up the low end and it's gonna distort. They distort earlier than the Beats and V Moda 100's. They sound very nice but for Bass heads?
    The Sony MDR series? Crushed my soul. I had 15" dual subs when everyone was still happy with dual 12's..I WANTED 70mm but they sounded less impressive than the 700's
    Onkyo ES HF-300's were what I thought everyone on here would like as it is crisp clear and has a nice low end.
    However the JVC's ...for way less which was why I hesitated....this must be wrong? Nobody is talking about these? Rappers are wearing Beats and V Moda and Skullcandy but nobody is rocking these?? I must be nuts? JVC must be trippin? ....Nah I must be nuts!!
    4 weeks of on ear comparisons and these are the loudest deepest bass cans? ...Yup. 
    These are the loudest and deepest cans under 400 bucks and I don't actually know what the high end has to offer but the mid/low end consumer market is stuffed with crap and topped with shiny crap like the Beats....hell Yamaha has a damn clone that sounds exactly like the V-moda and Beats and hey look....for about 30,000 yen (300 bucks).
    If you like Bass.....take it from a Bass head who likes slow and low...deep extended hits in the lowest audible freq's at without distortion. Save your money, buy these, amp em' and don't trust what anyone on the internet says including me but remember I said these were the best and go check them against your fave bass cans with the same track and settings and compare the hit.
    I got a pic of my portable rig but I'm new so no pics :frowning2:
    The 50mm and the 57mm driver XX's side by side
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    2. CCJ22
      @Hawaiibadboy what can be done about these JVC's to "feel" better on my head? Currently they hurt the top of my skull after 5 songs because the band cuts into my head.
      Also, the ear cups press rather hard against the side of my head. Can the cups for the ears be switched out?
      CCJ22, Oct 26, 2015
    3. turbomustang84
      Coming from car stereo competitions and being a Hip Hop devotee means you and i could not be more different since i listen to more Alternative and metal and Hate Hip Hop the closest to Hip Hop I listen too is Rage against the machine and although i like listening to a good system in my car when someone drives up next to me with their trunk rattling like the selmar quake i lived through in 1970 in LA i punch the throttle and show them where my money goes into power rather than sound ( I own very fast cars )
      I guess i skipped the whole Dr Dre Beats thing because I had decent Headphones to compare them too and I realized they were **** for the price and moved on.
      on the ATH-M50s i bought them unheard because of great review's on this site and if you want a well balanced Headphone that works well with most music and wont put you in the poor house unlike you i think they are great but truly do not do Bass well when you want real earthshaking sound. And after i put velour pads on mine for comfort now they leak like crazy so they are useless most of the time for why i listen to Headphones.
      I have always spent huge amounts of money on my home system and really no car or Headphones will ever reproduce what my two home systems can do.
      as far as these JVC HA-M77X Headphones go they cost around $39 dollars and do Bas well and isolate well and were bought to replace a pair that were killed by a puppy and for the price i paid they are kind of amazing sort of like the Panasonic RP-HTF600 they punch well above their price point would suggest .
      but the Best sounding Bass all around for me was the SONY MDR-XB20EX another pair that were puppy killed.
      One thing I know is that i have gotten great advice over the years on this site and have yet to be steered wrongs but there are as many ears as there are opinions so i think it is up to the listener and if you can hear before you buy
      turbomustang84, Nov 21, 2016
    4. turbomustang84
      turbomustang84, Nov 21, 2016


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