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  1. blupblup
    "Great Earphones"
    Pros - Sound, price
    Cons - Comfort, isolation
    These earphones were a pleasant surprise, I wasn't sure what to expect but these sound absolutely amazing.
    The bass at first was a little light but it seems over time that it has improved and I also use my small, cheap fii0 E5 amp and that seems to improve it somewhat.
    These have a very good, balanced sound and are brighter than any of my previous sets, but I actually like that.... at first it was odd getting used to it but over time I am enjoying the brightness and clarity much more than I thought I would.
    These are a fun earphone but also sound fantastic and separation is good and these have done just about every genre of music I've listened to, justice.
    This isn't really a review, just a few thoughts on these excellent earphones.
    So a 4/5 or 8/10.
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