JVC canal type earphone HA-FXT200LTD

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  1. aafanatic
    "Mind Blowing in ear tech: The HA-S500 of iem."
    Pros - Very fast and capable, great sub bass, haunting detail.
    Cons - Uncomfortable if not worn up,
         These are amazing. The best of all my iems. These really are the HA-S500s of iem. Slightly uncomfortable, but worth the hassle at any price. They are dual dynamic micro driver, like the FXT90, its predecessor. I use the Spiral Dot ML tips. These are gorgeous and well built without being heavy or awkward. As with most cans, I find these shine with proper amping. (Garage 1217 Project Polaris)
    I listen to mostly Trap, Bass, EDM, but have gone through Early Music, Vocal Jazz, Classical. and can be seen listening to 60's/70's rock for reference.I have an amazing 4.1 system at my desk that I am always comparing my cans to. I have a lot of over ear, on ear, and in ear monitors. They all have their strengths and their weaknesses. I have stopped search for the "one can to rule them all" 
    For comparison I offer the JVC HA-S500. These are about as fast, bass capable, and crystal clear as the S500's. They are affordable enough to buy a second pair, which I will probably do soon enough.
    I am a tech whore so I love the silver plated OFC cable on the 200ltd. I have the HA-FXT100, but I would not buy a second pair. I really vote with my dollar. If something is so good that I don't want to live without it, I will buy a second pair as back up and keep them in the box. I just received my S500's but I will get a couple of pair and keep one in the box and have another pair cable modded. Back to the FXT100's: they are capable, but they are missing that "magic something" that puts a smile on my face.(HA-S400 anyone?) There is not a significant sound signature difference, but they are not a "F- Yeah"
    The HA-FXT200ltd are.
    In closing:
    If you'd rather shred a Tuner car than a Euro sedan,
    If you'd rather shoot a FN 5seveN than a Glock, then these will tear you a new one :wink:
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