JVC canal type earphone HA-FXT200LTD

General Information

Model: dynamic type. Playback frequency band: 6Hz ~ 26,000Hz. Output sound pressure level: 105dB / 1mW. Maximum allowable input: 150mW. Impedance: 12Ω. Driver:5.8mm. Code: 1.2m (Y type) silver-coated OFC, with φ3.5mm 24 gold-plated L-shaped stereo mini plug.Accessories: earpiece (S, M, L each two, carrying case, clip. Weight: about 6.9g (without code).

Latest reviews

Pros: Very fast and capable, great sub bass, haunting detail.
Cons: Uncomfortable if not worn up,
     These are amazing. The best of all my iems. These really are the HA-S500s of iem. Slightly uncomfortable, but worth the hassle at any price. They are dual dynamic micro driver, like the FXT90, its predecessor. I use the Spiral Dot ML tips. These are gorgeous and well built without being heavy or awkward. As with most cans, I find these shine with proper amping. (Garage 1217 Project Polaris)
I listen to mostly Trap, Bass, EDM, but have gone through Early Music, Vocal Jazz, Classical. and can be seen listening to 60's/70's rock for reference.I have an amazing 4.1 system at my desk that I am always comparing my cans to. I have a lot of over ear, on ear, and in ear monitors. They all have their strengths and their weaknesses. I have stopped search for the "one can to rule them all" 
For comparison I offer the JVC HA-S500. These are about as fast, bass capable, and crystal clear as the S500's. They are affordable enough to buy a second pair, which I will probably do soon enough.
I am a tech whore so I love the silver plated OFC cable on the 200ltd. I have the HA-FXT100, but I would not buy a second pair. I really vote with my dollar. If something is so good that I don't want to live without it, I will buy a second pair as back up and keep them in the box. I just received my S500's but I will get a couple of pair and keep one in the box and have another pair cable modded. Back to the FXT100's: they are capable, but they are missing that "magic something" that puts a smile on my face.(HA-S400 anyone?) There is not a significant sound signature difference, but they are not a "F- Yeah"
The HA-FXT200ltd are.
In closing:
If you'd rather shred a Tuner car than a Euro sedan,
If you'd rather shoot a FN 5seveN than a Glock, then these will tear you a new one :wink:
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Ah, nice. Always wondered about these. Would you say the highs have any sibilance, or are they clear? Cheers!
Better than what other IEMS you have? Not stating what you have and have heard does not give a good comparison if say you have Skullcandy or IPOD earbuds etc. Please clarify.
I found a review that compares IEMS:

These sound AMAZING! i compared them to my friends Sennheiser $300 earbuds and i actually liked these way more. Sennheiser has very punchy/knocky bass and these have a very deep vibrating bass which I love. All other sound ranges sound phenomenal as well. I've listened to classical music, house, trans, russian pop, american pop, rap......everything sounds good. I have had many good headphones (bose mie2, vmoda, Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, Shure SRH440) so you can trust me when i tell you these sound very very good. Also the fitment of these is also very good, comfortable and easy. all you have to do is plug them in then rotate where the rubber piece on the headphone presses against the ear and that's it. they stay in and won't fall out.


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