JTS IE-1 Live Sound Monitor, Clear/Copper

General Information

The JTS IE-1 in ear headphones are tiny, lightweight, and designed to sonically outperform most other ear bud headphones. The IE-1's design comes from JTS's years of research and design while collaborating with musicians. Using low mass high energy drivers the IE-1 produces high quality sound with excellent isolation from background noise. The IE-1 transducers are constructed with studio grade quality components, producing exceptional audio clarity. Their in ear design, using the supplied form fitting flexible sleeves, seals to your ear canal naturally blocking background noise. This permits lower listening volumes in loud environments critical in safeguarding your hearing during performance or other activities, which also contributes to lower stage volume and overall better sound for your band. Because every ear is different, all JTS earphones come with 3 pairs of silicon sleeves (small, medium, large) to ensure a personalized fit. The JTS IE-1 ear phones are discrete and easily slip behind the ear to conceal from your audience. Weighing less than 1 ounce, the IE-1 is lightweight and comfortable enough for any portable listening application, Great for use with your favorite MP3 player!. The set comes packed in a soft, stylish and compact, zippered carrying case, which allows for easy, tangle free storage for your earphones. The IE-1 is compatible with any in ear system. Try a pair today, you will not be disappointed!


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