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General Information


I'm French, and I'll give you a little feedback on Jomo Salsa. Forgive my English if it's not very good...

I'm lucky I got to try out the Jomo Salsa on a tour. This was possible thanks to the French website I thank Jomo for his trust. Why did I want to participate? Because I don't know this brand and some people seem to have a cult for Flamenco.

This is my first test, I dread this exercise, but I will try to bring my feeling.

When I read a test, I always ask myself questions: who is this tester? What equipment did he have? What are his preferences? What kind of sound is he looking for? What does he listen to? Will his feedback be relevant to me based on my experience?

I think it's important to know the tester in order to understand his return. Indeed, a test as objective as it is, remains a test, and is by nature subjective. Some will go directly to the return, for the others, I will briefly discuss the DAP and IEM, then my musical preferences.

The DAP and IEM that marked me:
  • Hifiman 901s and Pioneer XDP-300r. The hifiman gives off magnificent power and mediums (especially with the right card). The Pioneer is extremely detailed (saber based) and allows a "surgical" listening.
  • Etymotic ER4-XR and Hidition NT6. The Etymotic allowed me to understand. The etymotic clearly oriented my choice for the NT6. The Etymotics should be THE pair to listen to before any shopping mania. The bass may not be the most beautiful (quantity/quality), but the mids and highs are so beautiful. Especially for the price. However, compared to the NT6, the sound can sound "cardboard" and the treble "artificial".
  • My musical preferences: I listen to a little bit of everything. I mostly listen to women like Birdy, Adele, Norah Jones, Banks, Lana Del Rey, Lorde... But also Prince, The XX, Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Mark Ronson, Ed Sheeran... It's quite varied. Not using public transport anymore, I sold all my DAP and I listen mostly to my speakers. Streaming (with Tidal) is now my only way of listening. That said, I still sometimes listen to my NT6 when I take the train or when a more intimate listening is needed.

I. Presentation of Jomo Salsa :

Jomo Salsa has 4 BA with a "linear sound signature with lifted vocal presentation". This immediately clicked in my head.

These intras are demonstration intras. The shape of the intras looks more like moulded ones than universal ones. The insertion is deep and it's not surprising to take a size of eartyps below.

For the test, the Salsa's are offered with a standard 3.5 jack cable with a 2 pin connector. Bits are also present, but I will use the ones I have (Spiral dot, Etymotic type triflange, Comply and Spin fit).

The Salsa are custom intras and the starting price is S$1099 or 736 euros.

II. Presentations of the test material
  • Sources :
Sabaj D5: The Sabaj D5 is a dac ES9038PRO with a headphone output. I mainly use the dac output coupled to a Cambridge amp to feed speakers. However, the headphone output is of good quality. The sound of the dac sabre is considered as clear and sometimes aggressive in the high frequencies. This is not the case with the new chips. I would say that they are transparent.

IBasso DC01: the Ibasso DC01 is a dac nomadic amp with a 2.5 output, mainly intended to be used on a smartphone (usb c connector). It has a dac AK4493. I do not know too much about the dac AK, I will say that the sound is not aggressive in the treble, bass a little round with more presence than for the sabre chips. Some mediums a little emphasized?

E1DA 9038S : this amp has an ES9038Q2M. I have it recently and don't know it well enough. It only offers a 2.5 output. The dac makes a little buzz, able to "beat" dap top of the line/ midrange.
  • IEM
Hidition New Tears 6 (NT6) custom and reshell by Custom Art: Hidition is a Korean brand. 6 BA / 4-way. They are quite old, there are tests dating from 2013. A rather clear sound, needing a hot spring or having an excellent treble control. A cable bringing smoothness can also be considered (without distorting the magnificent treble). Some tests for more information: or

Blon BL03: entry-level universal inlays (30 euros) with a single carbon "driver". A rather warm sound, with recessed highs. A surprising quality, competing for me with the 200/300 euros intras. Works very well with saber.
  • Cables:
Stock cable: no information, 3.5. Probably copper.

4-wire hybrid cable (2x6N OCC + 2x6N OCC Silver plating 26AWG), purchased from CEMA Electro Acousti Store (Aliexpress) in 2.5.

Hybrid DIY Neotech 8-wire cable (4x7N UP-OCC SILVER 28AWG + 4x7N UP-OCC COPPER 28AWG) purchased from CEMA Electro Acousti Store (Aliexpress), mounted with a modular jack.

III. Test

For the test I will use the stock cable and my Sabaj D5. This is the most qualitative source I think I have in my possession. I will also make comparisons with my other sources, cables and IEM.

The tip of the Salsa cannula is quite wide and corresponds to the opening of the Spiral dot. If we take this into consideration, I think that these tips are the least distort the signature of these universal intras. The compacts tend to make the highs "squeaky" and the lows exaggerated. The Spin fit give bass with impact, but the trebles are a bit aggressive. The stage is also narrower. The triflanges are interesting. Indeed, the insertion is deep and the result could correspond to custom Salsa? Although I guess Jomo had to adapt the signature of the universal model accordingly.

After thinking about it, I decided to associate the Salsa with the triple flange. What were the reasons for this? As I mentioned, this test remains subjective. Indeed, custom is for me above the universal ones. On the one hand for the isolation, on the other hand for the fidelity of the sound produced by the intras. I admit that the Salsa will be less "sexy" than with the Spiral dowry, but I like the sound better with these tips. I will leave some new triflanges with the Salsa for the next testers.

Listening to the Salsa for the first time, I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting something super detailed. It's not. So that's not necessarily a flaw in itself. Because these IEM have qualities to show for it.

If I had to summarize these IEM, I would say that they are perfect for a long listening without fatigue. They seem to me quite balanced, without particular emphasis of certain frequencies. The trebles are not aggressive. The voices sound right and without exaggeration. The mediums have a very beautiful tone. The basses have what it takes not to make the listening boring. However, they remain soft. At the first listening, I found the sound dense in its spatial representation. The voices are positioned forward, a little "frontal". They are not the intra with an exceptional width and depth either. But the coherence makes that one does not feel any lack.
  • Blon BL03 and Hidition NT6
By using the same stock cable and the same eartyps, the Blon BL03 requires more power for the same noise level. The bass hits more and the treble is more present (a bit aggressive at times in comparison). The sound is more "slamming". The mids, in quantity, are more or less identical. However, Salsa has more "joyful", "sweet", "seductive" mediums. Difficult to define them, but I like them. The stage is more in width than in depth. Blon BL03s give immediate pleasure, but can be tiring.

A confrontation that I dread: the Hidition NT6, the same cable and the same source. They require more power. The voices are less carnal on the NT6. However, the highs are more forward and finer on the NT6. Indeed, the sound is less clapping at the treble level (aggressiveness). The NT6 are more airy and the whole seems to me more liquid / fluid. The bass of the Salsa have more presence (in quantity) and are rounder. Listening to the NT6 is a little more tiring for the same volume.
  • Neotech Hybrid Litz Silver-Copper Cable / Hybrid Silver-Copper Cable AND Sabaj D5 / IBasso DC01 / E1DA
The Neotech hybrid cable on the Sabaj gives a soft sound. The mids are even more qualitative. The sound is more natural, the voices transmit a lot of emotions. The treble is less artificial and the bass has more consistency. The sound becomes more fluid and flowing. There is no hardness. Very beautiful association.

With the Neotech hybrid cable on the IBasso DC01, the stage is narrower, the voices are more prominent. The bass is a bit more present and lingering. It's more "fat", less clean, more messy. There's a breath of fresh air at low volume. I find it less pleasant than with the Sabaj.

We find a sound close to Sabaj with the E1DA, but the whole being less refined. There's a bit of hiss and the treble is less controlled. The sound is a little more dynamic, more frontal with a narrower stage. Good association.

The second hybrid cable (non litz) is a bit drier, the voices are less appealing. The space is narrower. On the IBasso, the cable offers a drier sound and makes the bass sound less dragging.


If you are looking for low or very clear or ultra defined intras, I will say that they are not, in theory, made for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for relatively balanced intras, allowing a listening without fatigue, they are to be taken into consideration. The mediums are charming and the ensemble is very consistent.


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