JH Audio JH16 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

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  1. marvinong
    "Initial Impressions on the JH Audio JH16 Pros"
    Pros - Superb clarity and details.
    Cons - Expensive
    This is an initial impression of the JH16s right as I got them out of the box.
    I gave these monitors a 3-star value because these things really are expensive. I wouldn't call this the "perfect" monitor with the "perfect" sound you're looking for. But these do sound very very good. Nothing comes close to the quality you see and hear on these monitors.
    If you have the budget, then go get it. If not, there are so many IEMs out there that will give you an amazing experience.
    Audio Quality:
    I haven't scrutinized the sound quality coming out of the 16s. But I must say this. Garbage in = Garbage out. 
    Feed the Jh16s with FLACs, 320kbps MP3s and you'll hear heavenly music. 
    Put on a 128kbps sample and watch your world fall apart.
    Aside from that, all I can say is that these monitors give off amazing clarity and details. 
    As a singer and performer, I would want nothing less than accurate sounds off my band members and accompanying music. These things definitely deliver.
    Nothing beats custom artwork. 
    The things you put on the monitors are yours and yours alone. 
    The designs on my unit are close to my heart.
    JH Audio definitely delivered on this aspect. 
    There is the initial "learning curve" on how to put these custom earpieces in properly. (It took me about 10 minutes trying to fit the right earpiece in my ear). 
    Once they're locked in place, they're locked. The earpieces won't fall or let loose as long as you send in quality ear impressions.
    Once you put them on, they'll block out noise more than any IEM i've tried. You won't feel deaf, but it surely blocks out all unecessary sound so that you can enjoy your music at lower levels of volume.
    A great buy if you have the budget. You won't be dissapointed in the JH16s, but again, there are great IEMs out there that can give you the bang for your buck. 
    If you desire clarity, details, and studio-like sound reproduction, go for these monitors. Just remember, garbage in = garbage out. 
  2. Richard Devine
    "JH Audio JH 16, Amazing IEM, with good bass response"
    Pros - tight controlled bass response, smaller flaceplate over the UE IEMs
    Cons - the fit wasn't quite right on both of my IEM, had to send back
    Nice full range frequency response IEM's, the best I have heard. I play out DJing and doing  live performances, and also do lots of field recording. They are much smaller in size in comparison to my UE-18's (Ultimate Ears). They do have a slightly different sound signature compared to the UE-18's and UE-10's. The sound though isn't hugely different then the UE series IEM's. I found the sound only slightly different we are only talking very slight differences. I had some issues with my fit not working out the first round, but overall I am very happy with these IEM's.
    JH Audio 3.jpg
  3. warp08
    "JH13/JH16 Pro Comparison Review"
    Pros - Best Overall Custom IEM Available Today
    Cons - None (not cheap)
    Please see my detailed review/comparison thread here.