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All these companies use the same "spare parts" anyway, they're made by knowles.com / sonion.com, you can buy them from sites like Digikey and Mouser.
You had them a long time I see.
How much was the repair?
this is an good message. can you give me detailed infos about that ?
Correction, i bought them 2010.
You should know, that just after buy i had to send my new JH11 back to JHAudio, due to poor isolation. I get them back and had to work on it with an nailefile. Some egdes were sharp.
The deffect was caused ion match 2011 by my own mistake, when i fall down of my mountainbike. The shell was broken.
Brittany wrote this would cost the half price of an new price.
This was to expansive for me.
So lateron i found an company in germany which was able to repair them for much much less. Unfortunately the bassdriver has beeen diagnosed broken.
So 9.6.2012 i wrote an email to order the bassdriver. No answer.
2 Month later i got this email from Brittany with the known harsh comment, that they woundnt send my ny parts.
I asked out of couriosity how much to change the Bassdriver would cost....no answer on it.
So i have wrote an detailed Comment about my experiance with JH in an German HiFi Forum.
I lost any interesse buying some other IEs from JHAudio.
i was on the recomended sites, but no idea where to find the specifiyc part:
i need: Double Bassdriver (jha-xb - with yellow damping-element on sound-port)
Can you help me how to find this?
many thanks in advance
I don't blame JHA. Both JH and UE have proprietary drivers designed by the respective companies with Knowles and Sonion. The reason being, if you know the driver specs you can easily recreate a JHA IEM and sell it at a lower price. Only the "small" custom companies use standard sonion and knowles drivers.
The only way to repair a JH iem is through JHA.
but, as i wrote, i had not accepted the half price + shipping twice, just for reshell the broken right side.
Later on the defect of the bassdriver was detected. So i wanted to buy just this.
JH demand to send my broken IE for repair in their lab.
But, JH do not react on emails about my question regarding the estimated price.
I want pay for perair in fairly maner, but do not accept this type of "service".
That's so average. Have you expressed your concern/distaste to jerry personally? Britany's customer service is unfortunate to say the least. I would expect JHA to lose a lot of sales due to her manner or lack there off. Certainly myself included.