Florida's JH Audio is killin' it with their JH 11PRO customized in-ear monitors. With 119dB...

JH Audio JH 11 Pro

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  • Florida's JH Audio is killin' it with their JH 11PRO customized in-ear monitors. With 119dB sensitivity, 18 Ohm impedance, and true 10 Hz (!) to 17,000 kHz frequency range response, the sonic transparency and precision performance of the 11PRO is a perfect partner for any musical task from rocking your Lossless iPod files to mixing the perfect master track behind an exclusive 128-track studio console. There's really no longer any question who dominates the custom in-ear reference monitor category. Kudos to Jerry, Brittany and JHA team!

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  1. GeorgeNevrela
    "JH Audio - very poor service "
    Pros - good IEs
    Cons - Service inacceptable
    i am, german and own the jh11.
    I love their sound and more the jh16, which i wanted to buy.
    But after one site of my jh11 has broken i have contacted jh for service.
    The only service they offered was to send the inears for repair in their lab for hight amount of money.
    Since i found an company in germany which can repair the iEs without sending them to USA and back, i asked ordering an one spare part ( the bass Driver).
    Around 3 month i didnt get any answer.
    Some day i get answer  and the service man wrote  to send the JH11 to Lab in Florida.
    I asked again for just this one Spare part. No answer.
    Yesterday i get  mail of Brittany Harvey with the short harshley massage, :
    We absolutely will not send components to you."
    Faces that kind of non service i begin to capitulate and forget to think on JH-Audio and my next JH16.
    Jerry makes good IEas, but the service is diametral of them, which reflect the wrong service behaviour.
  2. loverbuggy
    Pros - GREAT Customer service.Amazing sound, comfortable
    Cons - none to speak of
    I bought these to upgrade from my UE triple fi 10 pro's.  I LOVED the Triple fi's, but wanted to go to customs for greater bass response and isolation on stage.  (i'm a bass player).  The first thing I have to say is that I was kind of torn between UE and JH Audio, but after dealing with both companies now I have to say that if the products are equal in quality, and I think they are pretty close, the reason to go with JH Audio would be the Customer Service you get with these guys.  I called on a Saturday to ask a question about ordering on-line.  They weren't open, but were in the office in the middle of a move to a new location.  Brittany, one of the owners actually answered the phone and helped me place my order.  Pretty sure I never got to speak to any owners at UE. Turn around time was advertised to be 5 to 7 business days.  My IEM's came in 3 days, the week of Christmas.  Amazing!  Did I mention they were about $250 cheaper than the comparable UE 11's?  
    So, when they arrived, the first thing I noticed was that they were beautifully made.  The color and artwork were flawless.  After trying them out, I quickly compared them to the UE triple fi 10's.  No comparison at all.  These made the triple's sound like the little white Apple buds by comparison.  
    The JH 11 pro's have 4 speakers with a 3 way passive crossover giving a very balanced sound that is very clear with no distortion.  You hear every thump of the kick drum and splash of the cymbals.  Using them on stage as in-ear monitors, I am experiencing the actual sound of my stingray bass in my ears for the very first time.  The Bass is what really set these apart for me.
    The fit is good.  I'm not sure I'm getting the isolation I should be.  It is comparable to the Universal Fit Triple's I had before.  They sound amazing though and are very comfortable, so I'm not gonna send them back for a tighter fit.  I'll leave well enough alone I think. 
    All in all, I give JH Audio a very enthusiastic recommendation.  I'm a customer for life.

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