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  1. samIam78
    "This will convince you Haedphone amps are worth it!"
    Pros - Portable, improved sound over your source be it phone or MP3 player
    Cons - Altoid tin case
    I use mine at home and at work during breaks.  The 9 volt battery lasts forever (a long time anyway!).  The amp has plenty of power to drive full size phones.  Volume control is smooth and easily controlled.  The Bass boost switch works, but if you need it for your headphones get better headphones.  The bass boost is over powering and leaves the bass muddy with phones that have decent bass.  With bass boost off and good phones he sound is clear, soundstaging good and there's no background hiss.  Using a line out cable from my I pod to amp the whole rig will still fit in a shirt pocket and sound quality is greatly enhanced/improved over the I pod's headphone output.  Build quality is good with neat soldering and a snug fit in the tin.  Well worth the price and a great way to get started wit this hobby/obsession. 
        After posting my initial review I received a message from a representative of JDS labs letting me know they could customize my amps bass boost!  Specifically they offered to darken the bass boost since I had characterized it as "muddy"I will send off the amp soon and revise my review when I have a chance to listen.  The ability to customize the amp makes it an even better deal!
  2. sperandeo
    "Great amp for the money"
    Pros - Great price, good sound, light and compact, good build
    Cons - Bass boost adds distortion (I leave it off), Less gain than a cheaper model.
    I had a 39.00 cmoy amp and  decided to order the JDS Labs because of all the positive reviews. I found the JDS has less gain than the 39.00 cmoy (The JDS cost 69.00). The JDS is build with much better components and sounds a little better so it is worth the extra 30.00.
  3. jockhater2
    Pros - Really clean and great sounding amp
    Cons - that bass is too much for high volumes. wow
    VERY NICE AMP. Adds tons of bass and is great for adding all that bass at low volumes. Very impressive amp and I love the design.
    You can even have it customize to match your headphones so it is like a perfect match. I highly recommend it. Very nice amp.
    So I had it customized and it is perfect. Such a great amp. Adds tons of bass and helps tone down that high treble. I would HIGHLY recommend this.