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  • CMoy made by JDS Labs with Bass Boost.

    Standard Features

    -Alps RK097 Volume Control and On/Off Switch
    -Bass Boost Toggle Switch
    -DC Auxiliary Power Jack
    -Automatic On/Off (senses headphone cord)
    -Texas Instruments OPA2227 Opamp in Gold-Plated DIP Socket
    -Texas Instruments TLE2426 Precision Virtual Ground (2x optional)
    -Decoupling Capacitors on All IC Supply Pins
    -Custom 2-Layer PCB: Compact Layout with Ground Plane

Recent Reviews

  1. MidnightOdyssey
    JDS Cmoy a little warrior
    Written by MidnightOdyssey
    Published Jul 2, 2013
    Pros - Extremely portable, reasonable price, great sound quality, long battery life, professionally assembled innards, great customer service
    Cons - A mint tin is not an enclosure everyone likes, bass boost is a bit muddy, not 100% robust
    For a small portable amp in a tin you can't do any better than the JDS LABS cmoy. Ok it's slightly more expensive then some of the competition but the circuitry is professionally assembled and the overall quality of parts used is great. I opted for the 18v option and choose to replace the stock op amp with a AD8066 unit which suits my grado sr325is very well. I know the grados do not need to extra juice but this comes in handy when using different cans as well. Coupled with my Grados for a little portable system the sound is great and well balanced. I cannot recommend this amp highly enough for what it is. The bass boost feature is useful sometimes dependant on the genre of music and how it is mixed/mastered....in some instances it can "add depth" to some tracks. The only issues I've had is the input jack becoming faulty, I sent the amp back for repair and I must admit the customer service was great and I was informed this was a rare case of a faulty jack, since the amp has been returned I have had no further issues. The amp internally is very streamlined and quality components have been used, op amps are very much personal preference but I highly recommend trying the AD8066 out you won't be disappointed. I am considering buying another for my brother and would recommend this amp to anyone wanting a cheap portable solution. :)
  2. JoshuaStorm
    A budget-minded amp that I adore
    Written by JoshuaStorm
    Published Jun 28, 2013
    Pros - Very noticeable SQ increase on high impedance 'phones, bass boost switch, nice look, budget-minded, great costumer service
    Cons - Enclosure is not the sturdiest thing in existence (what would you expect)
    A fantastic product, JDSLabs make some great CMoys, and the bass boost is fantastic from my point of view. Some may argue it is a bit muddy at higher volumes, but I rarely noticed it to an extreme extent, and even when I noticed it a bit, I remembered how cheap the amp was (also, never forget you can turn off the bass boost). If you don't like the "hipster-ish" look of it, or don't trust the enclosure, I know tons of people bought $10 enclosures and fit them in just fine. I'd recommend this in a heartbeat.
    Notes: Used with DT770 Pro 250 Ohm
    1. Andymaxwell
      Hey, thanks for the review. I've just bought one!  Can you suggest and recommend any other cases for it?
      Andymaxwell, Nov 16, 2014
  3. Revo
    Written by Revo
    Published Jun 5, 2013
    Pros - Good price,long battery life, and good sound
    Cons - none
    This amp is just as good as he Headstage Arrow G4 amp I also bought, only the Arrow is 4x the price of the CMoy amp.
  4. Synthax
    Honest value for money
    Written by Synthax
    Published May 10, 2013
    Pros - Fun, details, size, nice scene.
    Cons - Very poor lower mids. Sound seem to be without its weight. Not comfortable in use. Too 'technical signature' in sound
    I did buy this amp to see if it really can beat expensive amps. Well, it plays nice, but does not even play like 300$ amps. Nice to have as an experience, but not as a final word in system.
      stalepie likes this.
  5. JoeDoe
    What an Awesome Device
    Written by JoeDoe
    Published May 5, 2013
    Pros - Size, SQ, Construction, Bass Boost, Battery Life
    Cons - None unless you're picky
    Like the title says, this CMoy from JDS is killer! Great sound in a small package for less than half of what many comparable amps cost. It adds a nice warmth and depth to the XBA 3s and GR07s I've tried. The 9V easily powers most headphones, even those that are harder to drive. The bass boost is rarely needed, but if you want some extra bump, the CMoy has plenty to go around.
    Like many portable amps I was wary about the battery life, especially for something so inexpensive. No worries anymore. I has been playing since mid-morning and it is now 6:45. Also, the rechargeable battery will allow it to play while its charging - a serious step up over Fiio's amps. 
    The volume knob is very sensitive and the amp will turn off automatically if the headphone cable is disconnected. Great feature!
    The only things I can imagine would bug some people (who shouldn't have ANY problems in this price range...) is that the Altoids tin is a little funny (although unmarked tins can be purchased). The lack of gain or impedance control has been mentioned but honestly for everything else you get, that's like missing the sprinkles, on the icing, on the cake.
    Thank you Jon for a great product!
  6. SpiderNhan
    Awesome little device that get you curious looks from strangers.
    Written by SpiderNhan
    Published Apr 4, 2013
    Pros - Looks cool, bass boost is great, excellent volume knob, customizable, smells curiously strong!
    Cons - Case gets dinged/scratched easily, slightly thick for pocket usage
    Here is my video review of the JDS Labs cMoyBB v2.03.

    1. lilcrunk
      hey bro, where can i buy the double black sticker????
      lilcrunk, Sep 28, 2013
    2. SpiderNhan
      You mean the velcro that I use to hold the cMoy to my phone? Most Walgreens, Wal-Marts, Targets and the like will have it. Arts and crafts and hardware stores will give you a better selection. I got mine from my job at Starbuck's.
      SpiderNhan, Sep 28, 2013
  7. Tristan944
    Very clean sound
    Written by Tristan944
    Published May 17, 2012
    Pros - Attractive, powerful, fun
    Cons - Big
    This is my fist headphone amp, so I don't have anything to compare it to. I have the Sennheiser HD598 headphones and my first generation Microsoft Zune had a tough time giving them enough power. The CMoyBB makes a huge difference! I can now listen to music as loud, and louder, than I want to. The CMoyBB could easily blow my headphones if I wanted to, that's how powerful it is. There is no background noise, such as hissing or static, from the CMoyBB whatsoever. The bass boost adds the perfect amount of bass, which the HD598 is notorious for not having. JDSLabs customized the CMoyBB specifically to my HD598, however I'm sure the amp can still be used with any other headphones and still sound perfect. Highly recommend this amp!
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  8. daerron
    Great portable amp
    Written by daerron
    Published Dec 12, 2011
    Pros - Nice transparent sound, good build and compact, cheap, opamp rolling
    Cons - Tin case looks susceptible to damage, bass boost muddies the sound, picks up interference
    Great portable amp for those on a budget. Amp arrived packaged really well and was shipped incredibly quickly to my country. Looking inside the tin, the circuit board and components appears to be constructed to high standards, though the front panel connectors on mine weren't aligned 100% but that is nitpicking.
    I use the headphone amplifier with my Samsung Galaxy S at work and it drives my Sennheiser HD580s very nicely indeed! This little CMoy has good soundstage and bass on the default setting and a clean transparent sound. Highly recommended! The bass boost setting however does distort the sound a bit and muddies up the sound somewhat so I seldom use it. The unit also has a tendency to pick up interference from radios and other RF sources. I hope that newer versions might benefit from better shielding to prevent this.
    I'm a bit scared that I might damage the casing one day as it looks pretty fragile. To prevent the casing from picking up scratches, I'm carrying the amp in a small sock that I once bought to protect an old ipod with which seems to do the trick. Batteries last surprisingly long, but they are expensive!
      stalepie and trellus like this.
  9. JRKO
    I never heard that before
    Written by JRKO
    Published Dec 12, 2011
    Pros - small, cheap, bass boost & if ordered as 18v with a jumper can play any ohms cans
    Cons - none that I can think of at the moment
    great little tin of sweets - brings a new layer to familiar tracks when compared to straight from iPod.  Nicely balanced sound with option of bass boost.  Order the 18V for hi impedance cans and ask for a jumper to short the second battery terminal (making it a 9V amp) when listening to lower impedance cans.  Only marked it down to 4.5 stars on quality because its an old sweet tin!! 
    very happy
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  10. drsamdc
    It's all I need
    Written by drsamdc
    Published Jul 28, 2011
    Pros - Transparent, quiet, just right bass boost
    Cons - None
    Most IEMs I own do not benefit or need an amp. A few do. The bass boost is just what my sonic taste needed from my RE 0 and Carvins. My Sansa Fuze needed a boost when I listen to my Sony headphones which was my main reason for the purchase. My Sony Walkman benefits from this amp as does my Cowon J3, the latter by the bass boost function. The build is first rate. It's an amp, it amplifies what needs amplifying. If there's junk you get louder junk, if it's clean than you get clean. It changes nothing from what's there and I think most people will appreciate the improved bass option at a budget price. JDS guys are all about help and service, I couldn't be more satisfied. I've had amps at three times the price but this is the one I'll hang on to.


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