JBuds J3 Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones with Travel Case (Jet Black) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]

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Pros: Great for a cheap price; Good sound quality; Bass is a bit heavier than the treble (but I like that)
Cons: Not good for sleeping with (As I usually do anyways); You can hear the headphone wire moving (Not too much of a problem for me)
Speaking from a less technical stand point:
I am not much of an audiophile, but definitely moving up from iPod's standard headphones is a must.
  I first got a pair of Philips SHE2641/27 In Ear Headphones (For the cheap price and because my iPod headphones had broken). These headphones were flat to say the least and did not fit my ear very well. These also soon broke (I am a bit rough at times).
After my Philips I got a pair of Skullcandy Lowriders. These were average. The bass was heavy and the overall sound was just loud. These soon broke due to the wire housing (however you want to call it) being cut  (The cut was there for as long as I can remember).
  Being a bit disappointed in losing a pair of headphones after only a couple weeks and with little money left I searched on Amazon.com for a pair of good and affordable headphones. Here comes the JBuds J3 Headphones. I bought them for 24.95 plus extra shipping + handling. For a person like me these were perfect. They came with four different sized cushions to fit your ear size (I managed to lose one on my own fault) and also come with a handy carrying case which the headphones sit comfortably in. The sound is good but the bass is a bit heavier than the treble (But it just might be the music, I'm not sure on this).
  And they claim that the cable never tangles which is 99% true because it occasionally manages to do so, but ever so rarely. The only real complaint I have with these headphones (which is not even that big of a deal, at least for me) is that I can hear the cable moving around all the time. I also wish that the cable length would be at least an inch or two longer, but it's not necessary.
  I should include that I did manage to break them on one occasion (not intentionally of course). The wire(s) which connect to the 3.5mm jack got torn loose. I have heard that this is avoided by other headphones by using a right angled jack, but it's not a big deal for me as they are pretty durable.
  This brings me to how I got my second pair of J3s. The customer service that JLab is absolutely outstanding. I give a big hand to them. When I first got my headphones I tried to register my one year warranty for my headphones but I do not know what happened, I just ignored it. So later when my headphones broke I contacted customer service, I told them what happened and and five days later my headphones came in. The customer service is what really made this company great along with their great headphones of course.
  The frustration free packaging that these came in were truly great and more companies should start to also do this.
I am still currently using these headphones as I write this review.
The right headphone started to break on me. The wire that connects the actual headphone is coming loose. The left one still works properly. Hopefully I can get these replaced soon.
Another update:
JLab contacted me and I will be receiving my new headphones in about a week.
I have a pair of these as well. They're my yard work buds. I agree that JLab's customer service is outstanding.


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