JBuds J2 Premium Hi-Fi Noise-Isolating Earbuds (Onyx Black)

General Information

How can you make the #1 best-selling earbuds even better. Listen to your customers. The JLab engineering team took our customers feedback and ideas into the design lab and came out with a masterpiece: The JBuds J2. Building upon the legendary JBuds comfort and sound quality, we recrafted every component of the design to create a sleeker, more stylish earbud with devastating good looks, unbelievable sound quality, and ultra rugged durability. Looks to kill: Sleek, sexy lines, a smooth satin finish, and 12 show stopping color combinations take any MP3 player to the next level. Sound to thrill: A new, meticulously crafted sound chamber designed to perfectly resonate the wide range frequency response from our unparalleled Japanese cobalt drivers. You will enjoy a rich, dynamic soundstage that accentuates every detail of your music, with crisp, tight clarity and booming digital bass for every genre in your collection. Ultra rugged durability: The J2s incorporate thicker, premium quality cabling and heavy-duty flexible joints built to withstand rigorous daily use and carry you through the urban jungle without missing a beat. Generous 4.5 foot cable with Y-formation and ultra durable 24k gold plated jack for a premium lossless connection. Supreme comfort and noise isolation: Forget about those uncomfortable stock earphones that came with your mp3 player. The J2s sleek, smooth shape and 3 sizes of soft, silicone cushions ensure a perfect fit and seal inside your ears, providing sound isolation from exterior noises and allowing you to comfortably enjoy your music for as long as you like. Compatible with all portable audio devices and MP3 players, including all iPods (iPhone, iTouch, Nano, Video, Shuffle), portable gaming units (PSP, Nintendo DS), other mp3 players (Sansa, Zune, Sony, Creative), Laptops, CD players, DVD players, Radios, and MD. Recommended by CNET, MP3 dot com, and many others. Includes a full one-year warranty from JLab.

Latest reviews

Pros: many colors to choose from
Cons: the cord is flimsy, not enough bass for my tast
the only positive thing i have to say about these are many colors are availble. the sound quality is not bad however better is out there for not much more money like the v-moda vibe. my pair did not last long about 1 week until the right side started not working and i would need to move the adapter part of the cord around in all direction to get it to start working. i would not recomend this product look for another there a many choices in this price range.
Pros: Nice sound, good noise isolation, great bass response
Cons: Earbud wire breaks easily, sort of weird L/R wire splitter, bulky buds in ear
They are great buds just for recreational listening but the wire right off the plug breaks very easily but you can send it back on warranty. Buds feel a bit bulky in your ear if you are used to Bose earbuds or Apple iPod earbuds. Great bass response especially for the cost and it goes w/o saying that they are easily driven with a low impedance. Overall good bang for ur buck!


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