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<b>Brand: </b>JBM<br /> <b>Model: </b>MJ8600<br /> <b>Material: </b>Plastic + aluminum alloy<br /> <b>Microphone: </b>No<br /> <b>Earphones Type: </b>In-Ear Earphones<br /> <b>Headphone Jack:</b> 3.5mm<br /> <b>Impedance: </b>16ohms<br />...

JBM MJ8600

  • Brand: JBM
    Model: MJ8600
    Material: Plastic + aluminum alloy
    Microphone: No
    Earphones Type: In-Ear Earphones
    Headphone Jack: 3.5mm
    Impedance: 16ohms
    Frequency Response Range: 20Hz~20000Hz
    Cable Length: 120 cm

Recent Reviews

  1. NeonHD
    JBM MJ8600 Review: Ultra cheap goodness
    Written by NeonHD
    Published Mar 8, 2018
    Pros - Strong firm bass impact makes wonders for bassheads

    Mids sound smooth and rich

    Exceptional build quality for $3
    Cons - Treble sounds very harsh and sibilant, lack of upper-highs

    With regards to the world of Chi-fi, JBM—alongside with Awei—are the main players when it comes to dirt cheap IEMs below $5.
    The JBM MJ8600 is one of their best ultra-cheap IEMs which I’ve briefly listened to a few years back.
    This review is just a reflection upon my previous experiences with it.


    Design looks simply great, especially with the metal build.
    No problems with fit, and isolation is slightly below average.



    The low-end is quite possibly the best part about these earphones. It’s powerful, it hits deep, yet never overwhelms.
    It also has the perfect decay/reverberation effect while staying clear of out the muddy zone (upper-bass – low-mids).
    • Emphasis: Sub-bass
    • Texture: Dry, firm, mildly boomy


    Mid frequencies are the second best part of these earphones.
    While not being detailed, they sound absolutely lush and low-mids are full of warmth and abundance.
    Can’t say the same for the high-mids though.
    • Texture: warm, rich, smooth


    Treble is where it cuts short. It’s not because there is a lack of brightness, but rather there is little to no extension in the upper highs.
    The primary source of brightness you will perceive will thus come from the lower treble (4-6khz).
    This addresses some problems, most notably being awfully sibilant and harsh.
    It also means that the clarity isn’t top notch either.
    • Texture: Dry, sharp, sibilant, harsh


    N/A. Sound lacks the dynamic and spatial properties present in other chi-fi such as KZ IEMs.


    For just $3, the JBM MJ8600 excels at almost every aspect.
    You get an amazingly deep bass response that doesn’t overwhelm or sound muddy, mid frequencies are incredibly rich, and you still have some brightness from the top end.
    Problem is, the top end doesn’t extend too high and is overly emphasized in the lower treble, making it extremely harsh and sibilant.
    If you can make do with the artificial treble, then these are an excellent pair of chi-fi to try out, especially for $3.
    You will be surprised.

    NOTE: These IEMs are best for backup usage scenarios, or simply as a 'chi-fier' collector's item; I would not recommend them. If you actually want good chi-fi, I'd recommend spending a couple more bucks and getting the KZ EDR2.


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