JBL Tempo On-ear Headphones

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  1. rickheadfi
    "Very clear sound, simple, elegant to wear"
    Pros - sensitivity 112dB, accurate and clear sound, lightweight
    Cons - none
    I was looking for a sennheiser HD201, and I can't find it in the market. Finally I choose this headphones because of JBL name and the simple construction. This are very good for a mobile devices that are used to listed music, radio, recordings, etc, they don't have volume or mic to talk.
    The sound is amazing for a bottom line model. Here the sensitivy factor is very important for a mobile device that can't have enough power to "move" a different headphone width a low value.
    Resuming, if you like a good product, that can be used for a long periods of time, whidth clear sound and simple is your option, enjoy it!.
    Hey people what is you opinion about? Some that have the same headphones can talk about them?