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Authenticity Just Got A New Look.In a world that yearns for something different – for an edgy,...

JBL Synchros S500 Powered Over-Ear Stereo Headphones

  • Authenticity Just Got A New Look.In a world that yearns for something different – for an edgy, stylish headphone - we went ahead and took a headlong plunge into authenticity. That’s where the style and daredevil spirit of our new Synchros S500 headphone comes from: pure originality. Picture a soft-touch headphone fused with a steel headband that’s both lightweight and durable. Now, imagine your ears coming into contact with the premium leather ear cushions on either end. There you go. That’s the spirit. Introducing the S500 Stereo Headphone from JBL.Beautiful. Powerful. Authentic.View largerControl your device with the interchangeable Apple iOS and universal three-button cables included with the S500 headphonesView largerPropriety LiveStage DSP - A Concert In Your EarsLiveStage represents a breakthrough in acoustic research. Using advanced, binaural digital signal processing, LiveStage recreates the sense of spatial presence that you feel when listening to loudspeakers in a room, overcoming the in-the-head and somewhat “dead” feeling of typical headphone reproduction.To recreate the Pro Audio experience, we first had to define it: enter the JBL LSR 6332 loudspeaker. Harmonious, complex and truly lifelike, we sought to recreate their awe-inspiring listening experience within the Synchros series of headphones. JBL engineers painstakingly measured the LSR 6332’s acoustic profile, and leveraging decades of audio engineering expertise, translated it to a unique headphone listening experience – ready for the most diverse and demanding of playlists.Unrivaled Pro-Audio PurityPureBass performance is much more than a tag-line, it’s a philosophy. Focusing on the full audio spectrum, not just the low end, the S500 delivers a balanced audio experience with amazing clarity, and deep powerful bass - enjoy dynamic sound with clear separation of notes, without the boomy, muddy sound found in some other popular headphones.Don’t Sweat The BatteriesOne key thing almost every other powered headphone lacks is the power to sound good even when the battery power runs out. The S500 uses two ‘AAA’ batteries to deliver 20 hours of enhanced listening with LiveStage technology, but it also features a Passive playback mode to keep the music going even when the battery is dead. Unlike other powered headphones, the S500 is designed to sound great in passive mode, so even though the benefit of LiveStage technology is inactive without power, your music will still come through loud and clear.With JBL's proprietary LiveStage DSP and PureBass performance the S500 headphones deliver unrivaled sound quality, comfortably.View largerAbout JBLEven if you've never owned a JBL product, you've almost certainly heard JBL sound. It rings out loud and clear from the massive JBL loudspeaker arrays that hang in stadiums, sports arenas and outdoor concert venues everywhere. It literally surrounds you in more than 50 percent of all movie theaters worldwide and is the sound in some of the world’s most preeminent night clubs. Chances are, many of your favorite songs and movie soundtracks were mixed and mastered on JBL studio monitors - they've been the choice of many audio professionals for more than 60 years. With a heritage in audio excellence, JBL’s products are designed to enhance your everyday experiences. No matter where you are, be it at home or on-the-go, JBL builds products that fit your lifestyle.What’s In The Box1 pair of JBL S500 powered over-ear stereo headphones 1 iOS3 button remote/microphone cable 1 universal 3-button remote/microphone cable 2 AAA batteries 1 carrying case 1 quick-start guide

Recent Reviews

  1. Baunach
    Solid bass and crisp clear treble
    Written by Baunach
    Published Jan 13, 2017
    Pros - Vert clear bass, crisp treble, lightweight
    Cons - Expensive
    The headphones was on offer at the local phone-shop so why not get an extra set for daddy! Well a year later I'm still happy with the sound quality from these. They are relatively lightweight so there is no ear-fatigue due to pressure.. The hinges are solid even if made from plastic but the jack can not withstand too much sideways pressure as I have found on my daughters set. Perhaps kids just don't know how to plug and unplug a cable from a small 3.5 mm jack. Anyway, I have posted a repair instruction in case you have this set an experiences a loss of signal on either side :wink:.A new jack is a small sum of € 1.70 in Sweden so no biggie, just a hassle to repair when the warranty is over.
    The battery-life for "Live Stage" is a bit short (I haven't managed to use this feature for longer then 2 to 2 1/2 hours before the alkaline batteries die)  and the battery-cover could need a better locking mechanism but all in all it's solid sound performance. There is a small problem of a quiet humming sound when no sound is playing while the switch is active (this is completely unnoticeable when music is playing, though).


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