JBL Synchros 400BT Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Stereo Headphones


Bluetooth Guru
Pros: Nice overall sound, decent detail and soundstage, nice look, nice carrying case
Cons: extremely overpriced, touch controls are a bit too sensitive
I have tested all JBL BT Headphones.
I am not even sure why.
These are the ONLY one which is worth considering if you look for a good sound. But NOT for the actual price of $270, EVER.
They do not sound so great either. But not bad like the other JBL.
I have found them somehow exciting, with good dynamic, good bass, good highs and decent mids.
They surely are not the most balanced and precise and detailed BT Headphones out there.
But to be honest I preferred them to the AKG K845 for having more attack and determination.
The AKG are much much better qualitatively speaking, but very boring, neutral and almost completely lacking bass.
I did not like the fit. It seems that JBL have designers with strange heads because ALL their BT Headphones have a really bad fit.
These are no exception. They too do not press enough on the lower part of their speakers, so that the fit is not really sealed. It feels strange and it leaks sound.
Many people complain terribly about their "super sensitive" touch controls.
I did not have problem with them, apart for a couple of occasions where it happened that I inadvertently paused or skipped track.
What I liked is the very nice rigid carrying case.
Overall I would surely suggest these Headphones if they would cost $100 less.
For their actual price of $270 they are not worth the money EVER.
You better (MUCH better) buy the Plantronics Backbeat Pro. They look a bit bulkier but sound MUCH better and offer MUCH more and cost even less.
Or, if you can wait, the Philips Fidelio F2BT will be soon available in US too.
Alternatively, a bit drastic change of sound signature, the House of Marley Liberate XL BT are much cheaper, look amazing, have better bass, very warm mids (which IMO are too dominating, but that gives at same time a unique personality) and with some EQ on the Highs sound very good. Plus, are made by the son of Bob Marley!
On a similar price I would only decide myself for the Synchros over the Phiaton Chord MS 530 which are even more expensive, less punchy, with less crispy highs, and overall not exciting.
I am not really sure what I would chose between Synchros and Bose Soundlink On Ear. The Bose are more elegantly discrete, have Multipoint, and voice prompts, and a better portability.
The Synchros can sound a bit more dynamic, somehow a bit more exciting, with some more punch and a tiny crispier highs. Probably due to the Aptx.
But I probably would choose the Bose due to their better comfort, better fit, and cheaper price. They still sound amazing after all, and are warmer, with better mids and overall more balanced.
But if the Synchros would cost $50 less than the Bose I would maybe chose the Synchros. Maybe.