JBL Reflect Mini In-Ear Sport Wired Headphones, Red

General Information

Lightweight Performance. Powerful Sound. Never Falls Out. Sweat proof and sporting a unique reflective design, the lightweight JBL Reflect Mini in-ear sport headphones were designed to stay put even during the most intense workouts. Legendary JBL sound can be comfortably enjoyed through the premium 5.8mm dynamic drivers while actively participating in everything from running to cross-fit for hours on end. Offering the smallest sport design from JBL, the JBL Reflect Mini may make you forget you're wearing headphones at all. Featuring a one button remote and mic, adjustable Y-Split cables and the angled connector, the JBL Reflect Mini is the perfect training partner. Features - Lightweight design • Premium 5.8mm dynamic drivers • Highly Reflective Cable

Latest reviews

Pros: Great fit, great sound for the price paid, reflective cord,
Cons: Absolutelly horrible cord. I've never experienced so much cord noise, no clip, no volume control.
Sound is great at this pricepoint. The fit is great. It seals without  beeing pushed inside the ear canal. The earflips work great and make them sit very secure in the ear. No fattigue even after 8 hours!
The cord however.. The cord is absolutelly horrible. If it brushes agains you neck or collar or cheek or whatever, the cord will transfer this brushing sound like no other cord I have ever experienced. It is a total dealbreaker! I've had mine for a coupple of weeks now but am returning them and buying the Bose Soundtrue earphones instead.
Pros: Excellent sound of of the box-no burn in needed, chin slider, single button remote, loud for micro driver, treble heavy but bass capable
Cons: Not a real replacement for Synchros reflect, no volume button, bass can be more impactful
I bought BNIB JBL Synchros reflect (original version) and used it as my main sport earphone especially when I use armband for my smartphones. It has excellent sound quality and very comfortable and secure while doing exercise. This year I saw this JBL Synchros reflect mini and attracted to its small size. I bought this Reflect mini from Ebay seller ; seagogo from China that claim selling an original JBL reflect mini without any accessories. All for 32USD including normal shipping. It arrived 3 days ago and has more than 50 hours of burn in period. Anyway I saw one seller in Aliexpress selling Reflect mini for 29USD which using almost exact pictures and advertisement material as Ebay; seagogo. This seller in Aliexpress ; Rilipac which I believe is the same seller as Ebay; seagogo. Just my wild guess since they are selling many similar items too.
Without the reflect. The cable/cord is fairly thick about 3mm and has a grey reflective stripe alongside it.
White reflect from camera flash, hence the Reflect name
Plastic housing half black-red. This is my current smallest earphone with diameter of 8mm and 5.8mm driver. Platic nozzle come with small silicone ear tip only. Nozzle is angled about 40 degree and feels comfortable and secure in ear, with original tip or Comply foam like this?
45 degree earphone jack is a neither here nor there design. I prefer full L shaped or just straight jack. Some people might like this design. There is single button remote which worked well to play, pause or forward music play. To bad no volume control like the original Reflect. Chin slider is functioning well.
With original JBL Reflect which is designed as half in ear. The new Reflect mini is a true in ear design with option to use half in ear silicone tip (not supplied in my package). Seller only supply black, carbon fibre design KZ hard case.

Sound ;
As expected it has the usual JBL house sound. Bright sparkling treble, good details and impactful bass. In short it sound like the original JBL Reflect with some different. I will rate the amount of bass 7/10, treble 9/10. The details is good with noticeable colouration but not as pronounced as my Audio-technica CKX9. As expected also the soundstage is just above average but still considered excellent for such small driver. Volume is slightly below average but still within acceptable level. On my Onn X5 player I need to use level 15-17/30 for most of my music, as compared to loud earphone like Audio-technica Ckr9ltd which only need between 12-14/30. About same level of loudness with LZ-Z03 and UiiSii HM7 or Audio-technica CKX9. For sound quality alone Reflect mini will likely be placed at no 6/7 in my in ear collection. I am not treating this Reflect mini as a sport earphone since it didn't come with its half in ear silicone tip and I am using it mainly for normal music listening with occasional sport use. Since it has a very small housing it can be push quite far deep into the canal and thus blocked out almost every outside noise.

Comparison with JBL Synchros Reflect(original version) ;
I prefer the new round cable from Reflect mini. It is fairly tangled proof and has minimal memory effect. It stay almost straight all the time and fairly flexible too. Cable from Reflect original version is flat, quite rigid and has some memory effect. But the original version has perfectly functional remote with volume control. For pure sound quality however there is no contest, I prefer the Reflect original version. The bass amount rated at 8/10 and it has proper slamming impact. The volume is louder and it sound more balanced. The only sound that better on Reflect mini is probably the treble.

Reflect mini is not intended as a replacement or Mark II version of the Reflect original version. They have very similar sound signature with Reflect original has more impactful bass and Reflect mini has more bright treble and sightly more details. What has improved in the mini version is the cable and it has lighter/smaller housing. But the mini lost volume control and has no option to use short cable for arm band. Eventually everyone has their own preference, and pure sound quality is not everything.


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