The LSR2325P Bi-Amplified Studio Monitor is featured for a wide range of applications. The...

JBL LSR2325P Two-Way 5" Bi-Amplified Studio Monitor

  • The LSR2325P Bi-Amplified Studio Monitor is featured for a wide range of applications. The LSR2325P includes a long-excursion 5" woofer and 1" silk substrate dome tweeter and 90 watts of amplification. Balanced XLR, balanced 1/4" TRS, and RCA unbalanced input connectors allow connection of mixing consoles, computer audio interfaces, audio visual equipment, and home audio systems. A detented level control allows fine adjustment of speaker volume. Low and high frequency trim controls let you tailor the speaker's response to preference or room acoustics. A neoprene rubber pad on the bottom of the speaker provides acoustic isolation and increases stability when the speaker is placed on a speaker stand or a console top. Mounting points are included and the enclosure has been reinforced for safe mounting using industry-standard mounting hardware. Rather than using a single on-axis measurement of the speaker's performance, JBL's LSR design criteria requires seventy measurements yielding more than 1,200 times the data, enabling JBL to engineer a speaker that sounds right and is accurate in any room. A trademark of LSR Design is the custom tweeter waveguide that delivers superior imaging and smoother frequency response to your listening position. Today's production styles require a monitor system capable of extended low frequency performance. To address this, the LSR2325P uses a new long-excursion 5" woofer with a high-flux motor. A custom-tuned port works in concert with the woofer to produce deep and accurate low frequency response to 43Hz. The LSR2325P produces exceptional sound pressure level (SPL) through JBL-engineered high-sensitivity transducers, high-output amplifiers and careful attention paid to the thermal properties of the system. To ensure years of reliable performance, before becoming a production-ready design, the LSR2325P survives the JBL Power Test in which the speaker must play continuously at full output for 100 hours without failure.

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