JBL J56 BT Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Stereo Headphone, Black


Bluetooth Guru
Pros: Price, highs, overall decent sound for what you pay
Cons: Dull bass, poor mid, poor fit, poor detail, poor soundstage, horrible look.
If I would have to choose between these and the JBL E40, I would probably kill myself.
But in case I am of particularly good mood I would choose these.
They do not have much better SQ but have a somehow more interesting personality, with a proud strong dull bass of no more than decent quality, and bright highs (like all JBL BT Headphones).
They do not lack mids but do not bring anything special there either.
They have almost no soundstage, like the E40 and E50. And do not expect much detail here.
Their look is only second in awfulness to the Sennheiser M400 and M500. The three of them protrude so much from the sides of your head, to make you look like Stewie of Family Guy.
Their fit is also really bad. They feel rigid and do not adapt to the form of your head and ears.
If I have to be sincere, they do not sound much worse than the Beats Studio Wireless. Which means that with the Beats you are paying 200$ more for their better look and better fit.
IMO, the $30 more which you have to pay in this moment to get a Jabra Revo wireless cannot be so difficult to get. And would give you a really better Headphone which sounds and looks GOOD.