The clutter-free v-JAYS come with the essentials of portable audio; a spare pair of foam cushions...

Jays V Jays

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  • The clutter-free v-JAYS come with the essentials of portable audio; a spare pair of foam cushions which will help your headphones last longer and one iPhone 2G/3G compatible 70cm extension cable. With a choice of cable lengths you have the freedom to decide whether your media player remains in your pocket or is fixed to your armband when in the gym.

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  1. homesicalien
    "A great compromise if you like neutral sound and don't need isolation"
    Pros - tonal balance, good bass extension, lightweight, comfortable, timbre close to natural at all frequencies, spare earpads, extension cable
    Cons - a little harsh upper midrange, foldable but still not comfy enough for carrying, sound not as refined as PX100, no case included
    I use it with Sansa Clip+. The make a great couple. V-Jays are not the best headphones out there, also in its category, but for some it can be an optimal choice. I used to have the original PX100, but as a treble lover I didn't buy new ones after they broke. They have nice Sennheiser signature though and I appreciate it. I tried Superlux HD661 but... gosh, they poked my eardrums with thousands of needles. I think many people overlook V-Jays beacause they used to cost much more than they do now. At least in Poland. Today it's hard to find a cheap alternative for them. KSC75? Nope, comfort issues. PX100 - as above. Porta Pro - too bassy for me. DT 235 - good one with an odd tonality, you can almost feel a few gaps in frequency range. V-Jays give you overall neutral tonality, pleasant treble, natural but a little laid back midrange (I'm not even sure if it's laid back at all) and really good low end. They are also fast enough for some rock music, but they are slightly better with slow one. Case wouldn't hurt. I struggle finding one on my own. I guess I'll end up with a sandwich box. You can fold them, but can't make them flat like PX100. If you like: sound close to flat, on-ear fully open construction and your budget is near 30$ they are worth a try. The only significant sound issue can be upper midrange for some. I guess this is where they "pay" for being brighter than most of cheap headphones.

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