Jays t-JAYS Two

  1. flat bob
    Better options for the cash
    Written by flat bob
    Published May 29, 2014
    Pros - Good Bass, lots of useful accessories (stereo splitter and airline adapter)
    Cons - Lacking clarity, awkward fit can fall out sometimes, cable too short without extension - too long with extension
    Bought these headphones as a means to replace my sennheiser cx300-ii,  which was still working at the time so I had a standard to compare the jays to. First thing I realised was that the jays had a bit more bass than the sennheisers - which was something I was looking for back then. Next thing I noticed was that the mids and highs were not as clear as they were on the sennheisers, and also my older sony mdrex10lp. Vocals were a bit muddy and treble lacked any real sparkle.
    You would get better value with the sonys and a pair of aftermarket comply tips than you would with these, at less than half the price.
  2. ivantoar
    Pretty good
    Written by ivantoar
    Published Feb 27, 2012
    Pros - Great packaging, two years warranty, bass (to people who likes bass)
    Cons - Too bassy for rock/metal/acoustic/instrumental songs, no travel case
    Packaging and accessories is very good. Comes with a manual, stereo adaptor, airplane adaptor, cord extender and eartips/sleeves of different sizes packed in a oval shaped rubberized case. No travel case provided for this model. t-JAYS three comes with it though.
    Out of the box before burn-in, the sound signature is not really my style as I prefer clear detailed sound. On my iPod Nano, it sounds really bassy for Metal/Rock songs. I had to use the Bass Reducer EQ to make it sound acceptable. But on my laptop, the bass is not so overpowered and more acceptable.