Jays t-JAYS Two

General Information

t-JAYS Two offers up a little bit of extra power and breadth of sound needed to deliver that amazing ‘goose bump’ feeling which comes from watching your favourite band live.

t-JAYS Two hides a superior custom-made 10mm Neodymium speaker inside its high gloss housing and deliver an astonishing sound experience across the sonic spectrum. You will hear detail never previously experienced through standard earphones and you’ll be rushing to rediscover your music collection all over again. The angled sound tube together with the wide range of soft silicone sleeves which envelop the earpiece provide high levels of in-ear comfort as well as delivering a superior audio experience day in day out.
t-JAYS Two

t-JAYS Two comes with soft silicone sleeves in sizes ranging from XXS to L. These sleeves envelop the earpiece meaning all t-JAYS users can achieve a natural, comfortable fit, and maximum external sound insulation. In addition to the standard 60cm earphone cable, an extension cable is available giving you a further 70cms to play with. Maximize your flexibility of usage options; keep your music source in your jeans pocket, jacket pocket or on an armband and have the right length of cable each time to help avoid annoying tangles. Use the gift box included to store your silicone sleeves and accessories when not in use or to protect them when you’re on the go. Included in the t-JAYS Two package is an in-flight adapter so you can enjoy your earphones when traveling further afield, and a stereo splitter meaning you can share your music with friends.

Latest reviews

Pros: Good Bass, lots of useful accessories (stereo splitter and airline adapter)
Cons: Lacking clarity, awkward fit can fall out sometimes, cable too short without extension - too long with extension
Bought these headphones as a means to replace my sennheiser cx300-ii,  which was still working at the time so I had a standard to compare the jays to. First thing I realised was that the jays had a bit more bass than the sennheisers - which was something I was looking for back then. Next thing I noticed was that the mids and highs were not as clear as they were on the sennheisers, and also my older sony mdrex10lp. Vocals were a bit muddy and treble lacked any real sparkle.
You would get better value with the sonys and a pair of aftermarket comply tips than you would with these, at less than half the price.
Pros: Great packaging, two years warranty, bass (to people who likes bass)
Cons: Too bassy for rock/metal/acoustic/instrumental songs, no travel case
Packaging and accessories is very good. Comes with a manual, stereo adaptor, airplane adaptor, cord extender and eartips/sleeves of different sizes packed in a oval shaped rubberized case. No travel case provided for this model. t-JAYS three comes with it though.
Out of the box before burn-in, the sound signature is not really my style as I prefer clear detailed sound. On my iPod Nano, it sounds really bassy for Metal/Rock songs. I had to use the Bass Reducer EQ to make it sound acceptable. But on my laptop, the bass is not so overpowered and more acceptable.


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