JAYS q-JAYS Dual Armature In-Ear Earphones (Maroon Red)

General Information

With a size of an astonishing (L)19 x (W)7.5 x (H)7.4 mm the q-JAYS are the smallest earphones on the market. Despite this it fits dual micro armatures and an AirBooster that deepens the bass and listening experience. The sound will blow you away. If you thought you had heard it all – think again.q-JAYS are built with the same technology used in our awarded d-JAYS, but we have managed to shrink the armature size drastically. Despite a housing size almost the third of the d-JAYS, our top model fits two micro armatures in each earphone – one tweeter that delivers precise highs and one woofer that creates rich lows and mids. Furthermore an AirBooster enhances the low frequencies and gives an even deeper bass.Smart earphone design and a soft silicone sleeve, available in five sizes, enables the earphone to fit snugly in any ear. The sleeves are washable and allow you to keep them clean at all times.JAYS Sound Isolating System reduces the background noise of modern life.


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