JAYS j-JAYS Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphones (White)

General Information

j-JAYS are designed to produce a clear and heavy duty bass, but the 9 mm dynamic driver doesn’t compromise on the mids and highs. They combine Swedish design, functionality, look and feel into a small and impressive bass machine. The soft JAYS silicone rubber sleeves efficiently block out ambient noise and leave a silent setting.JAYS Sound Isolating System reduces the background noise of modern life. With this silent setting you can listen at reduced volumes without loosing the sound experience.j-JAYS cord can be adjusted both in length and with different input connectors. j-JAYS comes standard with a 0.6m (24inch) long cable and a 0.9m (35inch) extension cord, both with a straight 3.5mm (1.8 in) Mini-Plug Stereo connector. In addition to this there is also a cable with an L-shaped 3.5mm (1.8 in) Mini-Plug Stereo connector available for purchase as an accessory.


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