JAYS d-JAYS Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphones (Maroon Red)

  1. icemanmusic
    Written by icemanmusic
    Published Mar 31, 2011
    Pros - Great balanced sound, Open sound stage, comfortable to me
    Cons - Can get tiring if listening to very High heavy music for prolonged periods
    I had a pair of Shure SE110 but they had passed their use by date so I went to audition for a new pair of IEM. After testing numerous options SE215s (Too bass heavy and not great deatil because of it) S4's (not as good overall sound) and numerous others, I went for these D-Jays.
    The bass was present and accountable without ever overpowering the mids and highs (which the SE215's did sadly as they were extremely comfortable) and the overall flow and sound was very entertaining to listen too.
    After getting a great deal from the sales people i managed to get these and a Hippo Box+ amp for 80USD which i was very pleased with!
    After a few days listening and burning (burn in doesn't make much, if any, difference) I have to say i'm delighted with my purchase. They are a brilliant sound, although music with lots of high notes can get quite tiring if listened to for prolonged periods. Not to say the highs are not well defined and sound good.
    Overall I would recommend these IEMs to anyone but do make sure you try them in your ears first. they fit me and are very comfortable, but my girlfriend can't get them into her ears comfortably.