JayBird TE1 Tiger Eyes Sound Isolating Earbuds for iPhone (Black) - Reviews
Pros: Lots of bass
Cons: Not well built
Short and sweet review, I bought this at Best Buy during their launch about $106. They were an upgrade to Apple's white buds and provided more detail unfortunately even with careful use the buds started to break in less than a year. Would I recommend them? After the $60 price drop, yes.
Pros: Decent soundstage. Nice control setup with volume physically seperate from track/call control
Cons: The same drawbacks every other sub 200 dollar earbuds have but for 40 bucks they kick some butts.
Not much needs to be said here other than if you have 40 bucks to spend on earbuds and find yourself at the local Best Buy grab these over the Skullcandy Titans and the like. They are not viable replacements for your sub $100 S4i but they are believe it or not, pretty damn close for two 20 dollar bills.