Jawbone JAMBOX (Black Diamond)

General Information

JAMBOX, the biggest sound. The smallest package. More Jam less Box: JAMBOX. It's the best little Speaker you've ever heard. One device lets you listen to all of your favorite audio--music, podcasts, video, apps, games, and more--from any phone, music player, tablet, or laptop. Take JAMBOX with you wherever you want audio--from room to room in the home or while on the go. Free yourself from the clutter of big, dedicated speakers and the constraints of cables and docking stations. JAMBOX portability solves all of your listening needs in one small package. Experience big stereo sound and earth-shaking bass in the palm of your hand. Share calls on the go using JAMBOX as a portable speakerphone. It only gets better with time ... Gets apps, software updates, and new functionality at: mytalk.jawbone.com.

Latest reviews

Pros: Fits well in a pocket, good sound quality, bluetooth and 3,5mm jack exit, attractive design.
Cons: Maybe can it have more watt power, nothing else.
As I say before: the Jawbone Jambox fits well in a pocket, have a good sound quality, bluetooth and 3,5mm jack exit and an attractive design.
I've buy it about 1 year ago, i can carry it away wherever i want, maybe without cable, in fact it can works also with bluetooth.
It have a very, very, very good powerful sound.
The only negative side is that maybe it can have more watt power, nothing else.
To be honest, if the Jambox is supposed to be a benchmark in portable Bluetooth speakers, we've still got a long way to go. They might get loud, but their sound is just muddy and grainy with poor resolution.
They sound terrible.. I wouldn't pay over $40 for them.


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