J.Fi Acoustic Natural Ebony Wood and Metal Fusion Earphones (Ebony / Titanium)

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  1. echo1284
    Pros - warm lows mids highs
    Cons - struggles on insturment seperation on faster music
    I picked these up at Staples since they starting carrying Jlabs. I'd never owned any before and heard good things about them. They're very beautiful. They have real ebony wood and a kevlar cord. The most important thing is the sound of course. I'm a newbie in the audiophile market. I'm a die hard Ultimate Ear fan so right now they're all I have to compare them too ( only used the 350, 500 dynamic drivers). Anyway, these do very well with vocals and acoustic and offer a good clarity. I always start judging earbuds by The Beatles or Dave Matthews Band's music. I feel they use a lot of instruments and voice in their music.  Again, I'm a newbie. I've spent a few hours with these so far and their really great for the price I paid $20. I haven't tried Jazz on them yet another favorite genre of mine but I'm excited to see how they handle it. They advertise them as specializing in acoustic via the name. I'm starting to realize by experience and reviews that you can't expect to find the best audio reproduction from the higher price buds. I'm sure its a factor but experiencing buds like these and a few others like UE and Klipsch I haven't found myself purchasing anything over $60 yet. I recommend these to anyone who love acoustic and jazz and a more vocalized music. For $20 and the clarity these put on its truly a deal. This is the standard price of these at Staples, they come with seven pairs of tips a one year warranty but no pouch. Well this is my first review hope it doesn't go unnoticed amidst all these great buds out there. Thanks Jlabs for the experience.