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Pros: Lightweight and comfortable
Cons: No TV connection
Not what I expected at all!! I wanted to be able to attach this to my smart tv and wear as I performed duties throughout the house while keeping up with my shows. NOT!!! Unless I am doing something wrong, the only thing I can hear are radio stations, which I can care less about. So, what is the purpose of the tv attachment? Confused and displeased with this purchase.
Pros: It was light on the head and fit comfortable over my ears
Cons: Unable to pick up my TV or Radio Stations except 2 Hard Rock, of which I do not listen too.
I was very disappointed with this product. I purchased the iwave to wear in bed, So I could watch TV and not distrub my sleeping husband.  Wrong!!!!!!!.  TX1000 It would not pick up my TV. However, It did give me 2 radio stations [both hard rock] and I'm not a hard rock listener.
To top it off, I could not get a refund.  O.K., iwave TX1000, send me a new & better headphone and redeem your product's image.
Pros: Great Price
Cons: Batteries
If anyone has purchased the iwave TX1000 and knows where and how to install the batteries in the head set, please let me know. I have tried everything. I will rate it if and when I figure out out it works.
On the left ear, right below where it says "iwave", pull straight down. It's rather annoying and hard to figure out, but these are superb once you get batteries in.


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